The Not So Good Ones

These things are NOT worth splashing the cash on ...
products not worth buying

I try to always love the products I buy, I mean I bought them with my money so the last thing I want is for them to go to waste, right? But sometimes there are things that I just don't get along with and that I need to vent about because they are just really really bad. Then again, things that I hate you might love, things you love, I might everyone is different and I think that makes shopping and new releases from brands exciting because everyone reacts in a different way.

Simple Oil Balancing Wipes // I love Simple, and all their products especially their makeup wipes because they are the best things when you are lazy or tired. When I saw these Oil Balancing ones for offer in the Supermarket a few weeks ago I was sold because surely that are just like their normal wipes but better for oily skin? No, not all. These are honestly horrible and I had to use three to get my makeup off, instead of just one like I normally do. That wasn't the only thing after having them for a week and closing the sticker bit correctly, the bottom few wipes had dried out? At first you could say this is my fault, but I seal the sticker every night to ensure they don't get dry - so it became harder to use them.

VO5 Give Me Texture // The main reason as to why I didn't get along with this texturing spray is because I don't think it is for my hair type; straight and short. The first time I went to use it, I loved the smell and the first feel and look it had on my hair but then after a few hours of spraying it, my hair became really itchy and irritable. It was awful, and I have never used anything like it...So then one weekend I curled my hair and thought I would use it then to see if it works better in curly hair, but it fact it was worse - you could see the spray and it looked like dandruff.

Collection Work The Lip Butter //  I wanted to love this so bad, lip crayons are my favourite thing, they are easy to use and apply and feel super silky on the lips. When budget brand Collection brought one out I was excited to try it out and see how it lived up to the others, The shade range is limited to 4, the one I picked up was 'Vintage Rose' and seemed like a pretty coral, but muted pink. Instead it came out like a barbie pink and really washed me out. 

Models Own Hyper Gel// Another product I was super excited about and couldn't wait to use it, the hype and interest around these new formula nail polishes from Models Own was unreal and I waited for a while to buy them, before getting them in a blog sale. Thank heavens I didn't pay full price for them because personally, they are not worth it. I love the BarryM gelly polishes so much, and these don't compare at all - far too thick and a gloopy formula that chips as soon as you put it on. I don't recommend these, instead buy BarryM!!!

Apologies for the rambly post, but I wanted to really get to the nitty gritty! What did you think of these products - love them or hate them? 

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