Spring/Summer Nail Edit '15

Summer Nail Edit

Oh BarryM, stop stealing my heart every so often with a new release. When I heard that they were brining out a range called 'Speedy' and it guaranteed to dry instantly? I was hooked. I waited a little while after they got released to see what other people thought of them, and then afterwards I popped into Superdrug and they were on offer for 2 for £7 - I basically couldn't resist and ended up buying 4, my favourite four shades. The shades I picked up, are ones that I think will be perfect for the spring and summer, they are bold and bright!

does speedy dry

I love the bottles, and the name Speedy goes well with the racing flag lid design, which looks adorable in my little stand. All of my other BarryM polishes have silver lids which are a little bit boring,these are a lot fancier and pretty. I also like the font, is that weird? 

Formula and Colour
I ended up buying for because BarryM was on offer 2 for £7, I tried to go with colours I don't already own and that would be perfect for the spring and summer time. The first I went for straight away is Lap of Honour, which is a lilac shade but more on the neutral side, enabling you to wear it on a everyday basis without appearing strong. Then to the right of that we have Pit Stop a more grey colour, but nude as well, at first this was a frightening colour because it may wash my skin tone out but in fact it looks the complete opposite! Towards the bottom corner is Pole Position which is the perfect spring colour, mint! This got me excited because mint colours are so hard to get hold of and suddenly come out of nowhere at this time of year. Of all four colours that I have tried out, this needed three coats not two unlike the rest, and still it was really streaky. And finally, my absolute favourite of the whole bunch is In a heartbeat, not only is the name the cutest thing ever but also the colour is out of this world. It's a pinky coral and I love how it looks with my skin tone and its just perfect! 

Does it dry quick?
The whole point of this collection is that it dries quickly and instantly, to me no nail varnish can dry quickly it seems impossible a bit like how top coat can't make your polish last for even longer. This on the other hand is a bit different, one thin coat and within around 1 minute its completely dry, not like a dry to touch dry. DRY DRY DRY. HALLELUJAH! BarryM have done it again and proved me wrong, two coats and your are good to go, if you put a top coat on then your drying time does increase but the polish dry instantly.

Have you tried anything from this range? If not why not????
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