April Favourites| Beauty,TV & Birthday Cake Frap!

April Favourites

April? How is it over already, with just another few weeks until I officially finish sixth form,I am praying that time actually goes a lot slower. We are now well into spring and my favourites this month are inspired by the beautiful weather outside! 

Max Factor Facefinity Primer//
When the weather gets nicer I tend to apply a lot less to my face, yet it still manages to come off within a few hours. The solution recently has been the amazing primer from Max Factor. I featured it in February's Favourites and it decided another mention (surprised I haven't done a review yet oops) because it is just that good. 

Loreal Infallible 24 Hour Matte// If I talk any more about this foundation I think I may just run out of words, the soft consistency is amazing and goes on like an absolute dream to leave you with this medium to high coverage face that lasts all day. If you want to read a more in-depth review then you can read it here.

Max Factor Blush in Nude Mauve// Another product I just can't stop talking about and also wearing, it has got to the point where the puffiness of the blush has deflated and is now flat *sad face* I love the shade and it is perfect for everyday. To hear me rave about these even more, read the review here.

Maybelline Colour Elixir in Rose// This is a lip product that I bought a while back, didn't like it at all and now have fallen in love with because it looks amazing on top of nude lipsticks like the rimmel kate moss in 07 - ideal everyday lip combo.

BarryM Speedy in Heart Skipped a Beat// Spring isn't spring without the nail colours, am I right? It took me a while to bring out the summery colours because I was waiting for the perfect time and now it is officially time and this beauty from BarryM is a coral that looks stunning and not too orange either. This whole range is amazing and it takes very little time to dry as well, more here.

Chanel No 5// My ultimate spring and summer scent is anything sweet and strong, Chanel is basically the answer for everything. No 5 is a classic from the brand and I think that no one can go wrong with, I cry my little heart out though ever time I use it because of the money that is going with it..

April Favourites

Last month Starbucks celebrated the birthday of the frappuccino, and as a special they were selling a 'Birthday Cake' flavour drink. Of course, this was only available in the USA because in the UK were are so limited on the options we have available. But the StarbucksUK twitter said that you can still order it as a custom order, the only difference is that you don't get the raspberry cream. If you are interested in this delicious drink ask for a vanilla frappuccio with a shot of almond syrup!

April Favourites
This months favourite TV Show has to be Baby Daddy, it is amazing and about Ben who is a typical bachelor until he finds he has a daughter and then has to adjust to being a parent with the help of his mum and all of his friends. You watch one and you will be instantly hooked!
Another favourite has been 2 Broke Girls, something that I have been watching a long time but more recently the girls are really starting to grow their business and it's such a real life story through TV. 

What TV shows have you been loving lately?


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