Festive Nails #4 - Snowflakes

snowflake nails
snowflake nails

Today's one is a little different! This is the last one in the series and for the month, if you've missed any then feel free to check them out here and I hope you've enjoyed them! So for today's post I cheated a little bit because last Wednesday I actually went for my nails doing at the salon! It was a little treat for my self and my friend Aimee! I went for something simple but pretty! I had white French tip acrylics with glitter on top, and then a small snowflake on the ring fingers and I have never loved my nails so much! Hope you've enjoyed this serious, and let's hope I can keep posting nail posts in the new year!


Nika M said...

I love the design. They did a good job... You are ready for the Christmas...xx

Caitriona Tighe said...

wow they are awesome. So festive. x Hope you have a Merry Christmas :)

Caitriona Tighe

ClassandGlitter said...

Thank you and you too! xx

ClassandGlitter said...

Thank you and they did! I am all ready! xx