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7 top tips for surviving the Christmas party season
7 top tips for surviving the Christmas party season
The festive season brings with it all sorts of lovely things. From the sparkling lights in the town to the sparkling wine in our glasses, we love to party hearty all through December. But partying all night can present us with a less than desirable situation the next morning, particularly if we’ve got a day of work ahead of us, or worse still, another party! 

Here are our top seven tips to help you get through the party season with your health, your reputation and your good looks intact.

1. Drink water
We can’t stress enough how important it is to maintain a healthy intake of water while you are out partying. Dehydration is the top cause of lacklustre skin, dull hair and fatigue. Alcohol as well as coffee and tea will dry you out, so top up your fluids with plenty of water to keep looking and feeling great. 

2. Moisturise
The chilly December weather combined with drying winter winds is the perfect recipe for dry, dull skin. All that Christmas shopping in the cold and wet takes its toll on your skin, and all those late nights and alcohol infused parties only exacerbate the problem. Invest in a good night time moisturiser and slather it on before bed to wake up fresh faced and ready for anything.

3. Prepare for the worst
Alcohol dries everything out in a big way. Your headache? Dehydration. Get a moisturising boost from the inside out by popping a B12 vitamin or a fish oil supplement before you even leave the house. You’ll look better and feel a tad less fuzzy in the morning.

4. Sleep with an extra pillow
It might sound bizarre, but all that puffiness you suffer the morning after the night before is a result of fluid accumulating from your lymph glands. To promote better drainage and prevent the puff, sleep in a more upright position than you usually do.

5. Make the most of your tea bags
Caffeine is an amazing product for tackling the tell-tale signs of a hangover. Pop a couple of wet green tea bags over your eyes to reduce inflammation, simulate the skin and combat dark circles. You can use them on the sides of your nose too, which are a common, but unexpected, area of alcohol induced inflammation.

6. Eat yourself better
There are plenty of urban myths surrounding the ultimate hangover curing foods. Last night’s cold pizza, a fry up, even a hair of the dog are all acclaimed as feel good food. But stop; before you open that pizza box, take heed. Greasy food will upset your stomach and do nothing for the onward day’s energy. To really beat off the morning after blues, eat bananas, kiwi and spinach, have an egg for breakfast or indulge in some slow release energy from a healthy bowl of porridge. 

No, Monster energy drinks and Mars bars do not count as a supplement. However, there are some products out there that really can kick start your day. We highly recommend Amazing Grass - Amazing Meal Original Blend, which is a health drink that can really start your day with a bounce. It uses a blend of organic, raw superfoods that promote energy, health and a better start to the morning. 

Of course, the very best solution to looking your best the morning after the night before is to stay away from the alcohol. However, nobody wants to be a bore at the Christmas party, so abstaining completely is often not an option. Try to moderate your alcohol intake, and intersperse those glasses of bubbly with a rehydrating bottle of water every now and then.

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