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Today you are being spoilt! My very very good friend Aamira who I talk about all the time has actually written this post for me! She's going to do a 'get ready with me' style post!This post will also tell you and show you that we are both very similar. Enjoy!
Prom, party or even a festival? Special occasions are personally one of my favourite times; not only do you get to go out with family or friends and have an AMAZING time, but you also get to doll up (which is probably the best part of the day; Shhh…) 
As it was Eid this week, I had the opportunity of dressing up and playing around with makeup.
The Outfit
For my outfit, I supported a sophisticated nude dress with lace embroidery from Monsoon paired with a black lace bolero, black leggings and nude coloured heels from Next. I stayed minimal with my accessories and wore a black and silver bracelet with a black clutch bag. 
PS. Sorry that there is no full photo of my outfit as it was a very busy day and I was unable to get the photo of my full outfit.
Special Occasion GRWM

Special Occasion GRWM
The Makeup

Special Occasion GRWM

For my eye makeup, I thought I’d be a bit daring and have a first attempt at a slight smoky eye which is something that it extremely out of my comfort zone.
To create this eye look, I used colours from the Naked 3 palette which I am COMPLETELY obsessed with.
* Firstly, I used ‘Strange’ all over my eyelid which is a pearly white colour with a pink undertone to it.

* After I was happy with the brightness of ‘Strange’ on my eyelid, I applied ‘Limit’ on the last ¾ of my eye. This is a pinky nude colour which matched the colour of my dress perfectly.

 * Now to create the smoky eye! With the help of trusty old sellotape, I managed to create a crisp line. For this, I applied sellotape to my eye making sure it’s in line with my lower lash line and the corner of my eyebrow. I then lightly loaded my brush with ‘Blackheart’ and ever so gently made a ‘V’ using  the sellotape and my natural crease in my eye as guidelines. I then blended the black eyeshadow using windshield wiper movements. To intensify the black, I kept adding small amounts of black at the edge of my eye and blended more, again using windshield wiper movements. I also blended it into the limit just to the colours blend together perfectly.
* To add more depth into the crease of my eye, I lightly dusted ‘Trick’ slightly above ‘Blackheart’ on my crease.

* I then went back and touched up ‘Strange’ and ‘Limit’ by patting the products on my eyes using my fingertips. 
Special Occasion GRWM
* To line my eyes, I used ‘MAC Gel Liner’ which has a really thick consistency but is extremely easy to apply. As I have hooded eyelids, my eyeliner isn’t really dramatic and neither is the wing. 
* To create the illusion of thick lashes, I lined the upper waterline with Rimmel’s ‘Scandal Eyes’. This really made my eyes stand out. 
* For mascara, I used Maybelline’s ‘Rocket Lashes’ which dramatises my eyes and making my lashes look longer and extremely thick.
Eyes completed, now for the rest of the face. 
The Face
Special Occasion GRWM

For foundation, I used MAC’s Pro Longwear’ in shade NC35. This is normally a shade darker for my normal skin tone, but because I have tanned recently, this colour fit my skin perfectly. It has a really smooth finish and makes your face looking absolutely flawless.
As I had run out of concealer, I was in desperate need to buy a new one. I bought Collection 2000’s ‘Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer’ in shade fair. This concealer definitely reaches the hype and completely erased my dark circles.  For application of concealer, I usually dot 3-5 dots under my eye and blend inwards with my ring finger. 

Special Occasion GRWM
For blush, I use Gosh ‘Multicolour Blush’. This creates a really intense pinky-red shade of blush, making the cheeks stand out.  
A look is not completed without Lipstick! I wore MAC’s ‘Ruby Woo’ Lipstick. Normally, I stay away from bright lips, but as it was Eid and I was supporting a nude eye, I thought, ‘Why not?’ This lipstick was really creamy but was also really drying so wearing lip balm prior to wearing this lipstick is a MUST! 
And that’s it; a simple yet bold look which will definitely have heads turning!
Now time for the close-ups of the makeup! Remember, if you try this out, it won’t look exactly the same as everyone is unique and has different face shapes, eye shapes etc. stick with what you think will suit you from this look, and you will look as beautiful as ever! 
Special Occasion GRWM

Good luck and stay beautiful girlies! J
Aamira x



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