Obsession; Statement Necklaces

Statement Necklaces
L-R Asda (not online), Ebay and Primark (not online)
 Over the past few months I can't stop buying statements, I went through a phase where I liked long necklaces and now I like the shorter more bold ones. These are my favourite ones but you can find so many in the shops today, but I think that you always need to be careful when buying them so that you don't over do the colour and the style ect. Here are a few tips on how to wear them so that they don't look a bit funny!
Coordinate and Cohesion // Wear a statement necklace that is a similar colour to your outfit and that will bring out the colour in the outfit as well. for example if you are wearing a white and red top then a red necklace would love great. 
Contrast// Brighten up your darker outfits of blue and black with necklaces that are bright and colourful. Colours in the neon family make the outfit stand out and draws attention to your face. 
Monochrome// Add a necklace that is in the similar colour category to your outfit, this works best for your mint colours and blue toned. 
Dress up a t-shirt// If you want to dress up a casual t-shirt and make it look as though you didn't just wake up and forgot how to dress. Wearing something sparkly will make you look all pretty and done up when you woke up 5 minutes ago. 
Colour Pop// If you are a neutrals girl and wear outfits with lots of light colours then dress it up a little by adding a necklace with a bright pop of colour. Red is a great one to add!
Collar and Layering// If you wear a lot of collars on shirts and tops like I do, then wearing a necklace underneath looks really pretty. As well as this you can layer up your clothes to show off different colours and styles. 

Hope this helps!

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