Clean&Clear Dual Action Moisturiser| Review

Clean&Clear Dual Action MoisturiserClean&Clear Dual Action Moisturiser

Since purchasing this cream from Superdrug a while ago, I have been using it night and day and have seen the biggest change in my skin. This cream has helped with my breakouts every month and controlled the amount of oil that my face produces during the day. I have oily,sensitive and dry skin which I think you class as 'combination' but my skin type changes everyday so I would class it as 'can't make its mind up'. If you suffer from breakouts and want a moisturiser that isn't greasy and you can wear under your makeup then this is the best thing for you!



Della Driscoll said...
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Della Driscoll said...

My twin sister uses this and she loves it! I can't believe you're at 455 followers on bloglovin, you've come so far! Well done Parie, been loving your blog for over a year now xxx

Class and Glitter said...

It is amazing! And thank you so much Della, I adore your blog as well and can't believe how well we both have done! xx