Starting Off; Foundation ♥

Today we will be chatting about foundation. The do's the don't and my personal favourites, thesoproject is about helping you and the basics always come from the teachings and the help guides. No clue what I am on about then check out this post here to find out more.
Picking a foundation can be so confusing what Colour? what formula?Now if you know your skin type that's a start! If you need to know what tone your skin is then check out my previous post here. No matter your age or even experience foundation is the hardest make up step of its all. (please note that these are my views, I am no way a professional and my best advice would also to go see a professional.

Coverage - If you know your skin type then the next step is the type of foundation coverage you want and would prefer. 

Sheer Coverage- a little bit of coverage almost transparent, you will be enhancing your skin with this formula of foundation and even out your skin.

Medium Coverage- this foundation will cover most of your minor imperfections on its own, this is the most common for everyday wear.

Medium to Full Coverage- Build able coverage which means that you can apply your foundation in a medium coverage and go back and cover problem areas again making it full coverage in those areas, natural yet covered. 

Full or Opaque Coverage- this is going to completely cover your skin it is the most pigmented foundation, these foundations cover heavy scarring, discolourations,are used in dramatic make up, or just the Appearance of Flawless Skin! 

Finish - This is to describe how your foundation will look when it is set and applied. 

Satin- Doesn't shine yet has a slight shimmer to it. 

Matte- Makes your skin feel like it has powder on.

Luminous- Gives you a shiny glow.

Natural- Your skin basically appears how it is without foundation, but with it on.

Types - There a so many types of foundations that are available for you these days, it is always best to test them all before picking one you prefer.

Liquid Foundation- The most common one that people use because , it blends easily, and comes in a variety of coverages.

Powder Foundation- This gives you more coverage when you build the amount up.

Creamy Foundation- Comes in different ranges of coverage and is blend-able on all skin types. 

Starting Off; Foundation

I also have three favourites, all of different coverages and types. 

- Natural Collection Foundation - This is my everyday favourite  it gives me a medium amount of coverage that isn't too heavy for the day. It covers what it needs to as well as evening out my skin tone at the same time. It is also very affordable and great for sensitive skin like mine. 

Starting Off; Foundation

- The Body Shop Oil Control Foundation - Do not be scared by the name, I have dry skin and this foundation works on me as well. This is more of a high coverage foundation and is perfect for an evening out or when you need that little bit more of your face covered and it hides all imperfections.
Starting Off; Foundation

- Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse - A mousse foundation is great for light coverage and high because the amount you use can be adjusted to what look you are trying to achieve. A lot like powder you are able to build and blend as you go along to great a flawless finish to your face and make it look dewy. 
Starting Off; Foundation

The way you apply foundation has to be down to your preference, there are so many ways these days as to what you can use, but the finish I find is always the same. 

- Sponges/ Beauty Blender - Make up sponges are the cheapest tool you can buy to blend in your foundation this and a beauty blender takes time, but you can defiantly get your foundation to be blended in nicely. 

- Brushes - Whether it be foundation brushes, stippling brushes or even an expert face brush these are the most common tool to use because it speeds up time and really helps to blend in all that product to even everything out.

-Hands - Yes, this might sound disgusting but trust me if you are ever in a hurry and need to quickly apply foundation then this is your best bet. Not only is this easy and free, you will be able to make sure that the look of your face is what it is meant to look like. 

If you want to see my favourite tools then you will have to check back soon! 
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I might try that natural collection foundation! Can't really go wrong for the price!
I'm part of the SO project too, here's my post on foundation:

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Anonymous said...

I'll have to check out The Body Shop for makeup!

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Super helpful post. Have you ever tried the Boots Naturals pressed powder? It's amazing, and such a bargain too!

I love your blog. Started following on GFC and bloglovin.
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Class and Glitter said...

it so natural and amazing!

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