Autumn Ready Skin ♥

We are in AUTUMN! I love this month, there are so many things about it that I just want to marry the season. As this season begins and we draw closer into the colder, winter months your skin really needs looking after! This is really a Teen Talk Tuesday..however my Tuesday posts for now are TheSoProject, so I thought that this can have it's own post!

Autumn Ready Skin

Even though I adore the summer months, the warm weather, holidays and frequent dips in the can play serious havoc with your skin even if you have been looking after it. This is why autumn is a great time to scrub away all the damage that the summer has done to your skin and properly prep it for the colder months.! So let's begin to scrub away summer! First of all run a nice warm bath and scrub away all fake tan and dead skin that tends to pile up during the summer months. Think of yourself as getting rid of the old and getting ready for the new!

The weather in the winter months can make your skin go one of two ways: either you will have a beautiful inner glow complete with rosy cheeks and lips, or you will look grey, washed out and in need of a skincare overhaul. This is why it is so important that you switch your skincare products to those that will protect your skin against the colder elements and leave your skin looking and feeling radiant!

In the summer months make-up should look as natural as possible, however when it comes to autumn and winter it’s time to vamp things up. Think about the colours you usually associate with falling leaves during autumn and try and co-ordinate your make-up accordingly. Red, gold and brown are all great colours to experiment with, however just make sure that you pick the right shades for your skin tone otherwise you could end up looking washed out.


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I like Autumn because of the pretty colours of the leaves. I've 'nominated' you for a Leibster Award. Her's my link to find out what it's all about xx

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