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Welcome to the second week of 'TheSoProject' also know as 'The Starting Off Project'. If you missed the first week or have no clue what I am babbling on about, then do check out this post so you are in the loop with the fruit? I tried to rhyme it but, it failed -TERRIBLY!
These days there are so many concealers out there, that you are spoilt for choice to say the least! There are a few things you should take into consideration when buying and choosing your concealer shade - this is my concealer guide 101. And then I will tell you a few of my personal favourites all from the drug store! 

To cover or correct?
When choosing a concealer I would always start with a shade that is lighter than your foundation - not your skin tone. Just like when picking foundation you should always be aware of the colour words such as "beige" (pink undertones), "cool" (pink), "warm" (yellow/olive undertones), "neutral," etc.

If dark under eye circles are your main problem then you need to go with the warm shades of concealer.If you are using concealer for blemishes or dark spots, find one that is a shade lighter than your foundation and in the same undertone.

I have two hand down 'holy grail' concealers, and without them I wouldn't be able to last very long. Both are liquid concealers as I think that they are much better and easy to blend as well as find your true match. 
This was my first 'guess and go' concealer as I ordered it online, praying that the shade would be perfect for me and not highlight the wrong areas or even not cover the blemishes and circles I wanted it to. This is the Maybelline 'Pure Cover Mineral' concealer in the shade Rose Beige, which is a very light weigh , medium coverage - creamy liquid concealer. I find that this is the best for covering those nasty dark under eye circles and I am someone who has dark pigmentation under my eyes and with this they just appear lighter. 

I bought mine from Fragrance Direct , who now stock a different shade to what I have but there is a choice of two shades on Cheap Smells.
If you are familiar with the youtube/blogger worlds then there is a 99.9% chance you have heard of this concealer. I seem to always get sucked into the things that get raved about constantly and this angel of a concealer has been something I have had my eye on for a while. One day I hopped into Superdrug and swatched the shade 'Medium' and well...fell in love. Even though the shade range isn't great the concealer may match just about everyone and I can safely and truthfully say that after trying and testing it out - it lives up to the hype. This concealer can cover your blemishes up with the tiniest of little amounts, because of its creamy and smooth consistency you can really blend it in well so that every inch of a horrible spot is covered. I don't know how I have managed without this concealer in my life.

As far as applying concealer goes, there are several different ways. You can straight up apply if from the tube,wand or even stick and put it where desired and then use your ring finger to blend it by patting very gently. Or even apply using a brush, taking the product off with a brush and then blending with a concealer brush. It is really up to you and what you feel most comfortable with. 

I hope this helped with any worries on concealer that you have had, and if there are any more questions or even suggestions then do leave a comment below or even contact me! 
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Charley said...

My no. 1 concealer is cheaper on Amazon you say? I'm sold!

Unknown said...

The collection concealer is so good, it's pretty much in every one of the SO project posts, including mine of course!

Class and Glitter said...

Yes it is!! BARGAIN!

Class and Glitter said...

It actually is, would not know where I would be without it! x

Yanzel said...

Can't wait to try that collection concealer!

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