2020 Makeup, Skincare and Lifestyle Favourites

 2020 seems to have flashed right before my eyes and I can't believe its over - so cliché! Before the new year rings in this weekend, I thought I'd do a rundown of my top products from the year. We're talking everything from makeup to tv shows, its a long one - be ready. 


This year I have discovered my love of skincare. It started when we went into lockdown back in March and my skin was at it worst. After a lot of reading, watching Queen Hirons and investing in quality products - I am finally happy with it. There are still goals for next year but for now its better than it has been.
* Superdrug's Simply Pure Serum // This serum is perfect for anyone who wants to add some hydration into their skincare routine. It costs less than £6 and is my daily staple. It helps my skin by calming it down, giving it some hydration and makes it feel all supple and gorgeous.
*Dermalogica Vit C Serum // I did not know how much my skin loves vitamin c! Its like it just drinks it up and gives me the most gorgeous feeling and looking skin ever. I have incorporated it into my routine slowly and carefully and with consist use of this incredible serum, I am seeing changes to my complexion - scars seem to be slowly going away.
    *Mugwort Essence // I've spoken about this essence a few times on here and I apologise for repeating myself again but this little bottle is magical. I only use a little bit in my palms every night and it instantly calms it down. If I'm experiencing an hormonal breakout or a crazy reaction to something this solves my skin out straight away.
*Cuticle Oil// Not really skincare but something that I have religiously being doing is applying cuticle oil to my nails every night. I get acrylics (a lot) and the only way I can keep my nails healthy and looking lovely is by using this and hand cream all the time. It really helps keeping them normal and undamaged.

Despite not wearing much makeup at the start of the year, as soon as I went back to work in September, my love affair began again! I very kindly got some bits to try as Christmas presents too - which I am SO excited about. 
*E.L.F Primer// This was influenced my everyone online. For a detailed review, read my dedicated post. In a nutshell, its a primer that keeps my pores at bay and my oil away. No matter what foundation I use or products on top, this stuff works a treat and never lets me down. 
*IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better*// A very very new addition to my makeup collection but something I can't stop using. For everyday, for natural days - this foundation is the bomb. It gives your skin the most gorgeous coverage and helps it look pretty good despite whatever mood your skin is in. I have a full review of the product if you want to try it out. 
*YSL All Hours Foundation // When I'm wanting more of a full coverage, party style makeup look this has been my go to. I bought this in the summer and even then it held up pretty well. It gives the skin the most beautiful finish and makes my skin look flawless. I also can't believe how good the shade match is! It matches me perfectly and lasts so well on my oily skin.  
*Max Factor Lipstick// Back in my sixth form days, I used to visit Superdrug every single week to see what was new and what was going on in the beauty world. Its where my Saturday job wage used to go! Max Factor was a brand that my local Superdrug used to hype all the time, I caved and bought lots from them. They have some beautiful bits - apparently the UKs version of Covergirl. This lipstick is stunning and the perfect pinky, semi-matte nude for every occasion. Its lovely to pair it up with gloss too.

As I keep saying...I have discovered a lot of things this past year. Its been a rollercoaster of a year but I made it. Recapping back, there are lots of moments and things I need to share. 
Some achievements..
*After 4 years of learning, I finally passed my driving test this year! I actually passed the week before we went into lockdown, which is extremely lucky as my theory was due to run out in April. It really has been a blessing in disguise as I've been able to do so many things by myself. 
*It sounds ridiculous but I finally managed to grow my hair, I've really struggled with growing it but this year something has changed and its passed my shoulders! 
*Towards the end of this month, I took the plunge and invested in getting my teeth sorted out. I caved into SmileDirectClub and can't wait to get started on my journey, I will be documenting it for sure - in 4 months I am going to (hopefully) have a new smile.
Such little things in life that make me so happy! 

I've watched a LOT of movies and television shows this year...I mean who hasn't? My favourites have got to be the following:
*Gossip Girl - so late to the party but its amazing! So much drama and fun to see how the rich live.
* One Tree Hill - hands down one of the best shows I have seen, its beautiful in every way. 
*Being Mary Jane - if you like romantic and scandalous shows then this one is for you! It stars Gaberllia Union and its incredible
*Scandal - speaking of scandal...Olivia Pope is a women you do not want to mess with.
*How to get away with Murder - a show that finished this year but was constantly keeping me up and waiting with so many plot twists
* Disney+ - EVERYTHING on this app is amazing, including the new additions!

I've probably missed something in this very very long post but what a year. Wishing you all a happy, merry and problem free 2021. 

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