Skincare Haul

Ahhh skincare, what a wonderful thing. Products that can either make or break everything for you. A few weeks back, I went for a glycolic peel to help with scarring and acne. It was such an amazing experience and I have another one booked next week, but my skin went super sensitive and so dry! I needed to amp up the hydration in my routine, so off I went to Superdrug to do some (small) damage. I haven't been skincare shopping in a while, usually just order the same things over and over on Amazon - I was very very excited. This is a small insight into what I ended up buying and trying...
superdrug skincare haul

Simple Oil Be Gone Micellar Water...This was actually a repurchase because I went through my first bottle so quick. Micellar water is something that I used to love to take off my makeup but then sort of forgot forgot about it. Until, this beauty came into my life and changed my whole skincare routine. I use this to remove as much as I can at night off my face and then go in with my usual cleansers after. I love how this refreshes and cleans my skin at the same time. Its great for those of us with oils too!

Simple Soothing Toner... I apologise for the amount of Simple in this post but I'm obsessed with them at the moment. This is a toner that just does the job without any fuss. It soothes and cools my skin down almost instantly. In the past, I have used toners that have made my skin dry and tight. Whereas this one helps to keep everything calm and after the peel, it worked wonders at keeping all the funk at bay.

Simple Kind to Skin+ Moisturiser... A recommendation from the lady that did my peel, the cheapest moisturiser I have ever owned yet it works wonders. She swears by this for post peels, facials and just skin in general - I just had to pick it up. The reviews about this online are glowing. So far, I am in love too. Its not thick and heavy compared to E45 which I was using before this, it doesn't leave a white cast even though there's SPF in it and my skin soaks it up both in the morning and evening. 

Simply Pure Hydrating Serum... I've never seen a serum so much on instagram in my life. In store (and I think online too) it is reduced to £1.99, which is the perfect excuse to pick it up to try. This is from Superdrug themselves, as part of their own skincare range. Its enriched with calming Soothex and this hydrating formula helps to improve the skin’s natural elasticity and suppleness for a smoother, more radiant complexion. In short, this serum helps my skin feel more nourished and hydrated - dry skin who?- and gives it such a plump look. I am loving it! 

A mini very 'simple' skincare haul, hope you enjoyed 👄💜


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