Weekend Facials with Pixi

This bank holiday is all about skin. Giving it the treatment and love that it needs and that's all thanks to Pixi. They've really taken over my skincare cabinet - literally. I've been using a lot of the rose collection, which you can read about here but now there's the addition of their masks too! I have always been into masking but never thought that you could put on so many at the same time. 

My love for sheet masks is well known. I love wearing them, not caring about anything in the world and of course seeing the instant benefits afterwards. If you are a fan of Glow Tonic then you will love these masks just as much. This is great before a big day/night out as it gives the skin such a natural and radiant glow - you wouldn't even believe until you tried. 
My skin is very dull in the way it looks, there's a few scars and spots but somehow this mask makes it look that little bit more decent and I love apply my makeup on top/the day after as it looks so fresh. 

I am so easily pleased in life and this mask proves just that. The peeling sensation is so satisfying and the feeling of it is amazing. This mask is one that I apply in my t-zone as the name suggests and I find this is the only place it really works. My forehead is covered in these tiny bumps, not ones you can see but ones that you can feel and are such a pain in the bum! Using this regularly on the weekends and during the week has really helped with the bumps. Its either allowed spots to surface or helped the bumps smooth out and disappear. I need to try this on my chin next as its just as congested as my forehead is. 

This is one very popular mask. It is sold out everywhere - even the mini! I can see why too, the benefits of using this constantly over time is well worth the price tag. I don't use it as an all over mask because my skin would dry out because of the clay used. However, I love using this as a spot treatment! A clay mask like this is perfect to dry out and heal any spots on the surface. Keeping it on for about 15 minutes or even sometimes over night, helps reduce the size and the pain of a spot straightaway. Loveeee.  

This is one product I'm still trying to find my feet with. Its an enzyme peel that resurfaces for smoother, softer skin, and a healthy looking glow. I've read so many rave reviews about this, seen people finish it off and love it. However, my skin just doesn't seem to respond well :( I've tried it as a mask that stays on for a while, used it as an instant exfoliate but nothing seems to work well. I think the main reason is because my skin is at the moment is all over the place and it needs something that isn't as strong. Hopefully when it settles in the summer this will work wonders! 

Apart from making me look really funny these patches are life changing. My under eye area is dreadful, puffy, very dark and pigmented. My only solution is to use heaps of concealer underneath to cover and brighten, but using these on a every few days basis/ when I get little sleep at night have made such an impact. I can see the darkness fading and them being less puffed out then usual. I tend to apply them before starting my makeup, do my eye makeup with them on and then remove before moving onto my face. This way I get maximum usage and the area is going to look good under makeup. Incredible.

Hope you all have a lovely bank holiday :) 

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