Transitional Haircare Tips

The other day we turned the heating on, the heating! After months of not having it on, not needing to wear long sleeves it seems that everything is back to normal in the UK and the cold weather is back again. With that it means it is time to review and change up everyday habits, from makeup and skincare and hair. For me, my hair is something that I always put to one side but this year that is going to change. During the summer, I really started to look after it. By using less hear, introducing hair oil and masks to protect it from damage and the sun. These are a few tips to help transition your haircare into the colder months...
summer hair tiops

The colder months come with very dry air, in combination with the wind, rain and heating can really dry the hair out - so you have to increase the moisture. By adding a hair mask to your routine twice a week, it gives it a chance to deeply nourish the hair and prevents damage to split ends and breakage. I've found that soaking the hair in warm water before applying a mask works better and then letting it soak in. In addition, replace your current shampoo and conditioner for a more hydrating version that contains natural oils. It will help recover the damage caused by any heat and sun damage, and restore your hair back to normal or a hair transplantation is always an option.

 Alcohol based and synthetic ingredients can dry out your hair even more during this low-moisture season, resulting in thirsty, weak, breakage-prone strands. But sulfate-free products that contain nutrient-rich ingredients leave your hair's protective oils perfectly intact. Using products that are derived from coconut oil with a helping argan oil can help lock in colour, soften, and strengthen while preserving your hair's natural proteins. 

When the temperature drops in autumn and winter, so does the water content in the air, which may cause hair to lose its oomph. By giving the roots a spritz of volumiser,and then blow drying the hair while hanging your head upside down, will give that oomph back. Also, consider a quick trim to lighten up your locks. Layers add volume, while a simple snip to remove summer's dry ends will help prevent further breakage while adding bounce.

Heat and friction from hats and scarves can create hair's arch nemesis: static. To keep fly-away strands in place, use styling products such as an oil serum to smooth and add shine. When applied before using any heat, protective creams and sprays help shield hair from heat styling damage.

Now is the best time to start considering making changes to your hair routine! What do you do to protect your hair?

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