Small Handbag Essentials

I'm a person that loves a big handbag, I love throwing things in without having to be limited to space and find it so much easier to just have a bag that will allow me to fit everything in from lunch, shopping and the thousands of lipsticks that I like to hoard. It was however, getting a bit ridiculous and I was finding myself dragging it along at times because it was so heavy and filled with rubbish. On a shopping trip a couple of weeks ago, I decided to splurge on a smaller handbag. Well I had a voucher so it just seemed like the perfect excuse!
small handbag essentials

river island nude handbag

The Bag:
This is the Beige Mixed Texture Tassel Crossbody Bag (£24), it is just the perfect size to fit everything in and isn't actually that small. FYI River Island are killing it with their handbags at the moment, I want every single one and the matching purses too. This is the beige-y nude colour but it also comes in black as well. The shoulder strap can be detached making the bag useful for an evening look and the gold tone hardware along with the tassel makes it look utterly beautiful. 

The Smelly Stuff:
I can't walk out the house without having at least one perfume or body spray in my handbag, I currently have the Victoria Secret Spray in my bag and the whole thing fits. It does take up a bit of room however, so I need to move into a travel holder which I will take about soon! 

jojo hairbrush

Now more than ever my hair has been getting very knotty and carrying this Hair Secretz* Brush with me has been a lifesaver. The size is perfect to just slot into the side of the bag and then quickly comb through my hair after getting off the train or before going somewhere important. It detangles my hair and makes it look and feel so much smoother and silkier. I also love the design of it, so cute and fun! 

With having a small handbag it has meant that I have to be so careful with not putting so many lipsticks in my bag. My work bag has like 7 lipsticks in it, so there is just one in here and that is MAC Velvet Teddy, a shade that looks good with everything and can be applied without any problem. I have actually become obsessed with it as a lipstick shade. 

becca royal glow size

Hand Cream:
If there is one product that I can't go anywhere without anymore it is hand cream, my hands are always getting dry and so is my skin - so carrying this round helps keep my dry skin at bay. The Body Shop do some amazing products and the Shea range is great at hydrating and nourishing the skin quickly and not feeling greasy. 

I try and find the best way to carry a mirror around in my bag, to help with other tasks and problems that I might trip upon. This is the Becca Royal Glow Highlighter, as compact it is small and lightweight so fits into the bag with ease. I can use this as a mirror to check my teeth ect and then the highlighter can be used to top up and add a bit of extra glow. The perfect duo! 

I love this bag and am slowly adjusting to the size! Do you carry a small or large bag around with you? 

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