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There is no shopping trip without a Primark visit! I either plan my entire trip around going to Primark or sometimes only ever end up spending all my money there. It is my go to place for shoes, accessories, basics and now beauty. Over the last year or so they have taken the beauty game very seriously and launched some incredible products. The only problem with Primark is that if you don't buy something when you see it, it isn't going to be there when you go back. So, if you spot any of these things on your next outing - grab and go girlfriend, because they won't be there for very long. 
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primark beauty review

Primer Water (£3) - I think I first heard about this on Toni's blog, she just like me had to really hunt this down and now I need to hunt another bottle down because I am nearly finished. I have been using this almost every single day. Either on its own underneath foundation or as a pre-primer to give my skin some hydration. A few spritzes of this and my face is being primed and nourished all in one, it doesn't do the best job at blurring anything but it does help makeup stay on the face and apply like a dream on the top of it. 

Matte Lipsticks (£2 I think..) - Primark lip products have always been a favourite of mine, their lip liners for starters are amazing, as good as MAC in opinion and so cheap to buy. The lipsticks and lip glosses haven't really caught my eye before but I needed a handbag lipstick and this shade Naked was the one. It is a gorgeous pinky nude that I can just apply without a mirror and it smells like sweets!! The matte finish is long lasting and doesn't dry my lips out, an amazing lipstick for such a low price. 

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Glow Highlighter Palette (£5) - Since buying this back in October I have adored it. Even after using it so much, I still haven't hit pan which shows that there is so much product in each little section. What I love the most about this palette is that is suits everyone and anyone, on me the shades look gorgeous and on my friend who I got this for Christmas it looks gorgeous too and she's paler than me. The formula of them are top notch, smooth, finely milled and very pigmented. A slight tap of the brush and you have enough to blind someone. I think they've got new highlighters in at the moment as well as illuminators which I think I need! 

Liquid Light (£3) - This is a pretty new purchase for me but I still have to mention it because it is incredible. Liquid highlighters seem to have become a big thing lately because they are so versatile, under makeup, over makeup or even mixed in with a moisturiser for a daily glow. This one from Primark is very pink and very glowy, a little goes a long way. I have been wearing this on top of foundation before setting and then applying a powder highlight on top. This creates an almost highlighter sandwich and it looks gorgeous. 

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False Nails (£1 - £1.50) - If you ever need a quick fix for your nails then Primark nails are the one, they have a huge range of nail designs and now different shapes too. My personal favourites are the coffin shaped ones, after a little file down they are perfect for me. I think the best thing about these nails is the glue, it really does stick the nail down and no matter what they last for a good two weeks on my nails, almost as good, if not better than acrylics! 

Eye Pigments (£5 for the set) - I went to hunt the eye palette down but these caught my eye first, eye pigments are messy but look incredible. I find these shades are gorgeous to wear either on their own or mixed together with other shadows. The coppery/brown shade is amazing to apply all over the lid when you need a one colour kind of shadow. They are very pigmented and you get the colour pay off when they are used dry and wet, which is very rare for products like these. 

I am itching for another trip to the larger stores very soon to see what other goodies I can find, there skincare and perfume ranges seem to be creeping up slowly. Have you tried any bits from Primark beauty?? 


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