At Home Gel Nails with Pink Gellac

Getting my nails done and doing them has always been a hobby of mine. For the past year I have been getting acrylics but for a few months this year I want to give them a break and look at ways of making them stronger but still look pretty. The lovely people over at Pink Gellac* kindly gifted me their at home kit and since having it, I have been obsessed with it and I am sure it will getting a lot of use over this year.

pink gellac review

pink gellac review at home

This is the gel polish starter kit that comes with one free nail colour, it retails at £71.42. 
The kit includes:
- Primer 15ml 
- Pink Gellac LED Lamp
- Pink Gellac Base 
- Pink Gellac Ultra Shine 15ml 
- 10 x Cleaner Pockets and 10 x Remover pockets 
- Nail file and Orange Woodsticks 

Using this kit couldn't be easier, the whole process from start to finish only takes about 20 minutes and I presume as I get the hang of things it will be a lot quicker. The main routine of application goes like, base which is cured for 15 seconds (the first bleep on the light), one coat of polish which is cured for the whole 60 seconds, a second coat which is also 60 seconds and then the top coat. The LED lamp can get quite dirty as it is white so I have to be quite careful but the whole use and kit is so easy. I love doing my nails at home and this lamp might look small but it also fits my feet in! So my toes currently have gel polish on them aswell. 

I did find the top coat was drying down a bit tacky, so I ordered this little set from Amazon. For £16 you get a huge bottle of gel remover, remover wraps, lint free wipes and a solution that removes the sticky residue that is left over my the polish. My nail lady uses this exact brand and wipes away residue from the polish she uses so I knew that it was a good buy. The shellac has been lasting on my nails for around two and a half weeks before there are a few chips and peels. I have also ordered myself a few more nude colours as pink and red is very out there! 

at home gel nail kit

This is such a great kit to buy and even though the price is quite steep, I can see myself using this a lot in the furture! Find out more about Pink Gellac over on their site. 
*The Pink Gellac kit was gifted to me

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