Winter Skincare On Rotation

Anyone else find that at this time of year there skin completely changes? Mine goes from being really oily all year round to dry as hell. It is so flaky and when I wear makeup there is so much texture! As soon as December hit, I made it a point to change up my skincare for the better. Still targeting the spot prone skin I have but using products that are also hydrating and make my skin feel better.                          
winter skincare for combination skin

la roche posay does it work?

If there is one product that everybody loves it has to be the Effaclar Duo. It is essentially a moisturiser that is made for those of us with oily and blemish prone skin. I have been using this every morning underneath my makeup and have seen a huge improvement in the appearance of scars and the amount of breakouts that occur. I find the texture of this very hard to describe, it is almost like a serum and moisturiser mixed into one, doesn't feel heavy on the skin and sits well underneath makeup. 
I am hoping that with continuous use this will help scars that are fairly new disappear and keep my oil levels in check, to avoid me having to worry about becoming a shiny mess throughout the day. 

Effaclar Mask// 
Using face masks every week is one of my favourite things to do, it detoxifies my skin and helps to bring out those horrible under the skin spots to the surface. I do however, have to be careful with which masks I choose to apply. My skin is very sensitive and sometimes a mask might help draw the nastiness out but it also reacts pretty badly. Leaving me with breakouts and very red skin. The Effaclar mask, is part of the same range as the Duo and is a purifying clay mask. It has been designed to unclog pores, reduce oil and cleanse all the impurities in the skin. You only have to apply this mask for 5 minutes, as it claims to do all the work in that time. I always forget that I have a mask on, so it usually ends up being about 45 minutes before I get to the stage of washing it off. In that time, this doesn't feel tight on the skin, uncomfortable and as soon as I wash it off my skin looks like it has been cleaned out. 

Toners are another skincare product that I am very fussy with, some are incredible and work well, whereas others mess my skin up and put me off buying them altogether. From The Body Shop, I usually stick to their tea tree range (borderline obsessed) but this time I ventured into the rose petal range and picked up the toner. It has been called a dupe for the Fresh rose petal toner, it is enriched with rose petals and aloe vera to give your skin hydration and nourishment. I bloody love this!! It has a very gel like consistency, that sinks into the skin leaving it all plump and glowy. I don't use it with a cotton pad because it soaks up too much product, I take some into my fingers and press it in - never have I ever felt my skin so soft!! 

skincare for winter

Doing at home treatments seems to have become a thing this year in the beauty world, the Gamma Hydroxy retails at £41.99 but gives you results of a skin resurfacing peel that the salon would charge you double for. Its a powerful yet gentle pre- moisturiser that renews the skin by reducing the appearance of blemishes, wrinkles and hyper pigmentation. My very sensitive skin found this too much by using it every day, I reduced to using it every other day and found that is was much more beneficial. I haven't seen a dramatic difference in my skin overall, but have noticed that it is a lot smoother and there is a lot less texture. Makeup isn't looking cakey or clinging to the dry patches that are in my skin.

Through incorporating all these products into my routine, I have noticed a huge reduction in the amount of spots that are on my face. At the moment, I have one on my chin that is due to the time of the month, but other than that there is not one!! I have been longing for this my whole life, and I think that finally understanding my skin has helped a great deal. When I do get a pesky whitehead that I can't (should not) pop or the under the skin, painful bump that a mask can't bring out for me this zit zapper is a god send. It drys out the spot, reduces the inflammation, exfoliates the area of skin and deeply cleanses it. This works so fast at reducing the size of the spot and how awful it looks, overnight the spot on my face is gone. G-O-N-E. I have never come across a spot product that works this fast and well - if you need a fast acting treatment then this is for you! 

Do you have any products that you bring out in the winter? 


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