Getting A Good Night's Sleep

I'm almost certain that we would all agree that sleep is the best part of the day, yet we find ourselves to be constantly lacking in sleep/never get enough. Whether it be scrolling on your phone for 5 minutes and it turning into 2 hours, watching TV till late or even working non-stop. Sleep deprivation is a thing and finding time to switch off before bed can be hard but there is a way to get the perfect night's sleep. 
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Getting a good few hours of rest all starts with what you rest in/on, you need to be comfortable. If you find yourself tossing and tuning through the night, it is probably down to your bed. Look into getting a new mattress, duvet or even pillows. You need to be able to sleep somewhere that you like and feel comfortable in. 


I love having some sort of routine when it comes to night time, from the skincare I use to what I do before drifting off. It starts by having a no phone zone at least an hour before I go to sleep, the bright lights and notifications will keep your brain up and this will make it harder to go to sleep as your mind is still working. Leave the phone to one side or even switch it off to resist temptation and allow yourself to relax. Have a time that you must be upstairs and ready for bed by, I usually say that by 10pm I need to be in bed. Any later than this and I am shattered the next day.

Beauty Sleep

Your nighttime beauty routine is just as important as switching off your phone, the steps you take to get all pampered up for bed will lift your spirits. After taking off my makeup, I love applying a face mask twice a week, this helps me to get a good night's sleep as I have to stay still and do nothing. Those 15 minutes allow me to calm down and do nothing, whilst still being awake and after that time is up - I know that my body has slowed down and is ready to go to sleep.

 Along with a mask for my face, I have been loving the Space Masks for my eyes. These eye masks are not your ordinary eye masks, they are infact something rather different and amazing. Once applied, the mask starts to heat itself up (gentle and calming don't worry) and the warmth along with an aromatic Jasmine scent allows you to sit back and go into a deep relaxation. The warmth of the mask lasts around 15 minutes, perfect to time with your face mask and makes sure that you are resting and not having a care in the world. These would be great for long plane or car journeys!

Keep the Stomach Happy

If you are wanting a real good sleep then you do not want to be eating right before you drift off. They (whoever they might be) say that you should allow at least 1- 2 hours between sleeping and eating as this gives your body enough time to process and digest the food you have eaten. I love having a hot drink at night but make sure that isn't something heavily caffeinated like green tea or coffee. Even though both of these are delicious they keep you awake. My choice recently has been hot water with honey and lemon, its so simple yet so good! 

Sleep is such a small part of our life but without it we would be very moody and miserable people...what do you do to get a good night's sleep? 

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