Bedside Beauty Staples

Every night I say to myself 'tonight you're going to have an early night, its a long day tomorrow/you  have to get up early'. Every night this never goes to plan, the reason behind it is because I waste so much time getting ready for bed. My whole night routine from going upstairs to actually getting into bed and going to sleep, is such a long process. I love to mess around and take all the time in the world, even though my eyelids can't stay open...
bedside beauty

There are a few beauty products, that I go back to time after time and keep at hand for those really lazy and tired days. One beauty thing that I am so bad at, is removing eye makeup. Never have I been a fan of using anything on my eyes, far too scared but the Nouveau Lashes Eye Makeup Remover* is like no other. Firstly, the pump is a god send, makes it so much easier to dispense this gel like formula out of the bottle. The tiniest amount of this on to a cotton pad and then swiped over the eye, just once might I add, take off everything and anything. I'm talking, glitter and waterproof mascara. It doesn't irritate the eyes and leaves them clean. 

I've set my self the challenge of masking every single week, it helps such a great deal with detoxing the skin and the real benefits can only be seen with consistency. Masks are usually on rotation, from The Body Shop Himalayan Mask to a simple Manuka Honey one. Either way, a mask is definitely a essential before going to sleep. This also includes the Laneige lip mask, which I am just borderline obsessed with. 

As far as skincare is concerned, the very last thing I apply before going to bed is a oil. Sometimes, this is the Caudalie Detox Oil or the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil, funny story...I knocked the bottle over and it spilt everywhere. I now have only 1/4 of it left and it makes me cry inside, so maybe not that funny 😂  I also always have a nail polish on the side, usually one I want to paint my toes with - because its time to show your toes season!! 

I love keeping the essentials beside my bed and having them at hand, what beauty items do you love to use at night? 

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