The Drugstore Lip Kit Showdown

Liquid lipsticks are some of my favourite formula's, you can apply them early in the morning and still have it there (or enough) by the evening. More recently, the lip kit phenomena has taken over the beauty industry - the concept of having a matching lip liner to the liquid lipstick. 

affordable lip kits

Over the past few weeks, the budget brands have launched their own spin on the lip kit hype and today is all about putting them to the test and seeing which is best. The best place to find all of these is Superdrug, but if you are going in store be warned, check the inside of the box first. So many packets had been physically opened and left with no products inside. Absolutely disgusting that people do this, so just be careful! 

The three that are being put to the test are from Makeup Revoultion (MUR), Lottie London (LL) and BarryM (BM). They have all very similar packaging, with the duo products coming inside, lips on the front and in a cardborad box. The MUR one is very similar to the famous Kylie Lipkits in terms of design, as are the other two but the boxes are much slimmer. 

superdrug lip kits

BarryM Matte Me Up in Go To 

Price: £6.99, you can either but the lipkit as a set or just the liquid lpsticks on them own if you aren't much of a liner person. 
Liner:  Of the two products in this kit, the liner is the one I am obsessed with, it glides on to the lips like butter and is so velvety soft. Because of it being so soft however, it does easily break and mine has had to be sharpened every time I go to use it :(
Lipstick: Go To is such a gorgeous shade, a very true nude and on my lips is the perfect everyday colour. The consistency of these are very thin, which isn't a bad thing as you can apply it evenly and build it up if desired. With lip liner underneath you only need one coat to show its true colour, without needs two even coats. 
The Facts: It lasts all day, through food, drink and even just smiling - you don't get that horrible flakiness from it and it doesn't feel too heavy or drying on the lips. Does however take a bit of time to dry on the lips. 
barrym lip kit
barrym matte me up go to

Makeup Revolution Retro Lux Kits in Noble

Price: At the cheapest of the three, the MUR kits retail at £6.00, they also have a wider shade range as well as different formulas. 
Liner: This liner in my opinion on the lips is a lot lighter than the actual colour of the lipstick, it still works well but I would have preferred a less paler shade. It isn't as creamy as the BarryM but still feels very soft and doesn't cling to dry patches. 
Lipstick: This formula is still growing on me, it sets to quick and you have to really get going to cover the entire lips without having random spaces everywhere. It is also very heavy on the lips, even thought the orange toned/brown is a great colour and I love how it looks on me. I can feel the lipstick sat on my lips and that doesn't feel comfortable at all.
The Facts: It does however last, through food and drink which is good despite the weight on the lips. After a few hours it starts to flake ever so slightly and you'll find yourself peeling away your lips - not the most attractive look! You can also see in the pictures of it on me, it isn't quite matte compared to the others. Saying that, I love the colour! 
makeup revolution lip kit
Makeup Revolution Retro Lux Kits in Noble

Lottie London Slay All Day in Werk It

Price: The pricer of the three at £8.95 but similar to the BarryM kits, you can buy both the liners and lipsticks on their own. A great chance to mix and match. 
Liner: The liner is an exact match for the lipstick in this set, not ligther or darker just perfect. I have found myself sometimes just wearing the liner as a lip option, its worked well and looks amazing. This similar to the BarryM glides on to the lips like a dream, its very velvety without breaking down into pieces. 
Lipstick: Where do I even begin?! The LL lipstick is such a gorgeous formula, its the liner in a liquid form basically. Velvety soft that glides on to the lips without any fuss, covers within one layer and looks amazing. Its a gorgeous brown nude, similar to MAC Whirl. 
The Facts: Its my favourite of the three, there's just something about the colour, lasting power, formula and design I think too that has got me going crazy for it. 
lottie london lipkit
Lottie London Lip Kits

The Drugstore Lip Kit Showdown

If I had to rank them it would go, Lottie, BarryM and then Makeup Rev. This is the order from best to ok (not worse, because the other two are just as good), its inspired me to look and buy other Lottie London products in the future and definetely more lip kits! 
Leanne has a great blog post all about creating your own lip kit, and Kirstie put these exact lip kits to the test over on her youtube if you fancy a watch! 

Have you tried any of these? 

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