Glitter In My Veins

After so long, I'm back with a new whats on my nails post! I've become a 'regular' at a salon in Leeds but have had no time to go back from Liverpool to get them done. This then started the hunt to find a local salon, and after a few messages here and there and a stalk on good old facebook. I finally found one, will I go back to it? No idea, maybe try another and see which is best. But for now, they have done the job and infilled my nails. 

nude nails cnd

cnd shellac nude knickers

My go to nail shape is almond, it looks natural and allows me to type, pick up coins and all those other nail struggles you have to deal with. Acrylics are bad for your nails but touchwood, mine have stayed strong underneath and life without having nails on to me is unimaginable. This stunning shade is from the CND Shellac Range in Nude Knickers. Which I can only describe as a flesh toned, pinky nude - in different lights on my skin it looks different and at first it didn't appeal to me but its grown to be well loved. 

It looks very subtle and due to the flesh toned colour, it makes me stubby fingers look a lot longer and lady like! The glitter design on both the ring and thumb finger isn't a polish but actual glitter, yes actual glitter. The nail technician held my finger at an angle and then tapped glitter down using a small 'shovel' like tool, it created this gorgeous fade and suits the colour really well. 

Overall, I am in love with this combination and the nude shades are getting me ready for spring and pastel! 

What's on your nails currently?!  

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