Getting Ready For Black Friday

This year Black Friday falls on Friday 26th November, in the US its a much bigger thing than other countries. Until recently, the UK didn't really do much about it but then out of nowhere its blown up and retailers are all offering deals and discounts.This year it is so close to the start of December its the perfect excuse to get your shopping done on the cheap side. 

getting black friday ready

There's nothing I love buying more in sales than perfume, its the perfect time to buy them and stock up. Currently, I have my eye on three different ones to take me through the festive season, winter and then in to spring - it this normal? The first one is a repurchase of Si by Giorgio Armani (£82), its a very strong scent bu perfect for the winter with hints of vanilla it is truly magical.
Next on my list is Chloe's Signature Perfume (£35.95), the bottle for this perfume makes me want it more and more each time. This also smells very sweet as does every perfume I tend to buy - its my go to. Then the one thats been on my wishlist for ages is Olympea by Paca Rabanne (£45.99), but he price makes me want to cry. Its a very expensive perfume so hopefully black friday will make the want become a have. 

Another item/brand of footwear that I am really wanting to buy this year are some UGGs! What better time to buy them then when there's a UGG Sale?  I know everyone has a pair of boots from the brand but I never got round to investing in some, this year its all changing! Its also not just footwear that they have to offer, there's clothing, accessories and handbags too! Not that I need anymore boots because I've just bought some but I am obsessed with these two - Analise (£99) are the heeled ones and the Meadow (£114) ones are the standard UGGs that you get. Both are great to wear everyday and keep your feet warm and cosy! 

When Black Friday does approach, keep your cool. Don't get carried away with every single deal that you come across because no doubt something will be cheaper elsewhere! Keep an eye on Black Friday Deals  for the brands that you want to buy from, having a list of things you are wanting makes it easier to shop around. If you can't find what you need on friday then wait a little while longer until Cyber Monday as there will be even more discounts then! 

*deals sourced via lovethesales

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