Tips for Saving Money on Weekly Food Shopping

Tips for Saving Money on Weekly Food Shopping

Your shopping budget can get a little out of hand during the weekly supermarket tour. The thing that makes it worse is when you‘re so hungry that you want to jump on the first food item you see. We interviewed the top frugal lifestyle bloggers from the U.K to give some insights on saving money while shopping for food. We also talked about the techniques that our readers can utilize to save all the food that goes to waste. We were able to gather some interesting information that we have compiled below.

 Famous lifestyle blogger from Purple Pumpkin, Michelle Ordever said, “When writing your meal plan, shop your store cupboards and freezer first – you might be surprised to see what's tucked away at the back,”

 Michelle also added, “Making a weekly meal plan helps you focus your shopping list, without the need to impulse buy at the supermarkets because you don't know what you have at home!”

 Cass from Frugal Family backed up Michelle and said, “That way there are no mid-week 'top-up' shops which almost always lead to you buying more than just the one or two things you popped to the shop to buy,”

 You can buy various fruits and vegetables at the local greengrocer for a lot less price and you always get the option of purchasing as much as you need. So you just not only save money but a lot of food is also kept from going to garbage. Same is applicable for butchers and fishmongers who not only give you a better rate but you also get useful cooking tips and the cuts of your choice. 

 If you can’t betray your local supermarket then keeping an eye on the price of 100g packs can help as you always get a great discount for buying in bulk. It goes out for what food item you actually need in larger quantities. 

We also talked to one of the vouchers and freebie experts; founder of WOW FreeStuff, Sam is an frugal lifestyle expert. ” Writing to various brand manufacturers for requesting their discount vouchers can be really helpful,” Sam reckons. “You can simply send a simple message mentioning the things you admire about their products. Request for a discount coupon so you can try out their other products as well. Sam also suggests that all of the vouchers and coupons should be organized with respect to their expiry date: “I personally keep a separate wallet for all the coupons and vouchers that I get, all organized with respect to their category and expiry dates.” 

You don’t have to be loyal to your supermarket if you don’t get the best rates possible. Look around and keeping seeing other supermarkets, until you have found your perfect match. 

 According to Michelle “Shopping online has helped us cut back on our grocery bills. You can take your time to decide if you really need to buy that item, and even go back through the shopping trolley to see where you may have overspent.”

Frugal-lifestyle blogger Emma Russell-Bennett encourages ‘yellow shopping’ – the time when all supermarkets are getting rid of their food products that have shorter shelf life. “Meat, bread and milk can all be frozen, and you can tell by looking whether the fruit and veg have a few more days or weeks of life left,” says Emma. 

 Cashback can actually help you get away with food for free or a really low price. Emma claims that “There are also cashback apps like CheckoutSmart and Shopitize, where you can earn cashback by purchasing particular items. You just upload your receipt and wait for the cashback.”

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