April Favourites

This month has been a stressful one to say the least as is May, as with every month I am always in shock with how fast it is going. Time is of the essence and this months living in the moment goal and helped me a huge deal. The motto is now 'if it doesn't get done today there's always tomorrow'. Here is what I have been loving this past month..

april favourties

Shampoo is one thing I hate buying, there is just so much choice out there and I never know what one is best for me. L'OrĂ©al realised there new clay range late last month I think and I had to get my hands on it. The Elvive Extraordinary Clay shampoo (£3.99) is something I grabbed on a whim in Boots as it was on offer and since then I have bought 3 bottles. The formula of this shampoo has been designed for oily roots and dry ends - me to a t! Using this shampoo for the past few weeks has improved the condition of my hair and made it easier for me to go 3 days without washing. I got the dry shampoo from the range the other and wasn't that impressed first time round, maybe a few more tries! 

My skin is slowly but surely getting to a stage where I am happy with it, taking time in the evenings to treat it correctly has made a  huge impact. The product of the moment has to be the Pixi Glow Tonic (£18)! I fell for the hype and the hype is correct - this stuff is amazing. I don't know the science behind it other than it contains magical ingredients to give your skin a boost! My complexion looks healthier and brighter. 

My makeup this month has been pretty much the same thing, very simple and easy going. I have discovered an old favourite, the L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation (£7.99) . I forgot how good this is at covering my blemishes, evening out my skin tone and lasting all day. I am becoming a BIG fan of their base products, the primer, foundation and fixing mist make the perfect trio!  (full review here)

To apply this foundation I have also rediscovered another old favourite, the real techniques miracle complexion sponge. using this damp with the matte foundation makes a perfect match. It is however, very dirty so apologies - still figuring out how to clean it effectively. Any ideas? 
lip swatches

My lip options this month have been narrowed down to two things, the first is the Rimmel Eastend Snob Lipliner (£3.99), this is also another product that I fell into they hype for. On a day to day basis this has been what I have opted for, on its own too! Looks amazing. The other lip option is NARS Cruella (£20), I wore this for about a week in April because it is just so god damn beautiful. It sits nicely on the lips and is very long lasting. 

For more non-beauty favourites, I have been loving my Lidl perfume (full post), it is now its last legs and ready for a new bottle but all in all amazing value for money. I have been loving Empire and Made in Chelsea, which both come back to back on a Monday night - truly spectacular! Lastly food, this month I have been 'clean eating' with the occasional treat day. Sweet potatoes are my newest obsession, they taste so good! 

What have you been loving this month?

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