10 Must Watch TV Shows

I watch a great deal of TV. I don't know how I manage to watch it all with a 100 different things to do at the same time, but I do it. Watching something a day or having something to look forward to watching motivates me to get my work done (quicker but still the best quality) and it is like a little reward at the end of the day. I am that obsessed with watching different things, that in my room I have a weekly planner telling me what is on what day. 

In today's post I am talking to you all about the programmes that you need to watch when you a) time on your hands b) need a good binging session c) when you are waiting for things to come back on and are tearing your hair out. There's no real order to this just list...

tv to binge

1. The Walking Dead - This is a very new discovery for me, a show that I have started to watch from the beginning with two of the girls I live with. It is amazing and well worth the watch, after the first few episodes I was hooked and now in the middle of all my assignments still watching. The background of this is very simple, there's a zombie apocalypse and a team of survivors are working together to find a cure/live. Brilliant.  

2. Limitless - A programme that is fairly new to me as it has only just started a few weeks ago but one that needs your full attention at all times.  Brain Finch takes something called NZT a drug that enables his brain to do extraordinary things, it follows his life on the drug and not on the drug. It follows on from Bradley Copper's film Limitless, well worth watching that first. 

3. Quantico - I am very biased when it comes to Quantico because of the lead actress, Priyanka Chopra is a bollywood actress and one of my all time favourites. She stars in this FBI programme that shows us how she trained, how she got framed and now how she is solving the case. This is one that makes you grit your teeth and keep you on edge, ideal if you are filling the gap for something. 

4.Jane The Virgin - Something a bit less serious and funny, Jane the Virgin is a show all about Jane (ironically) who gets artificially inseminated by accident. It takes us on the journey of her pregancy, love live and mother life. This is one when you need a good laugh, some of it is very cheesy but think of Ugly Betty and you'll love it.

5. Younger - Another very new show for me and one that I recommend catching up on and watching back to back rather than as and when they come. Younger is about  Liza a 40 year old woman pretending to be 26 to make a name for herself in the journalism indusry. It is very girly and at times soppy but the cast is amazing and full of surprises. 

6. Baby Daddy - Where do I even begin with this one! I am currently waiting for the new season to start in the UK and it is so difficult not reading spoilers that leaves you with cliffhangers every bloody time. Ben wakes up one day to find his baby at his doorstep and from that point it takes us on a journey through his life and it is brilliant. One to watch with the family as well, e4 shows re runs all the time if you get a chance to catch it.
Netflix Shows to Watch

7. Brooklyn Nine Nine - How could I forget this one! B99 as I call it is all about the precinct in New York. A group of detectives who, can I add, never seem to do any actual police work they take us around their day on the job and always come into hilarious situations. I watch this and most of the others with my dad and always get a good laugh out of them.

8. Young & Hungry - I started watching this at the back end of last year because I needed something to fill the gap through Christmas. It stars Emily Osment who is an amazing chef that ends up working for a millionaire, the same millionaire that she had a one night stand with. Hilarious but another one that is very cheesy.

9. Once Upon A Time - If you haven't ever heard of this outstanding programme then where have you been? OUAT is a show that you can watch to kill time but your full attention has to be paid. Its about fairytale characters who get trapped in the real world and do everything they can to get out. The first season is AMAZING as is the one currently on TV, so catch up because you will want to!

10. The Blacklist - This is a great family show, we all watch it together on a saturday night (well when we can). Elizabeth Keen gets recruited as an FBI agent, but her whole life she has been living a lie. I can't really tell you much about this one because it will ruin the entire plot, every episode either leaves you in tears or on a cliffhanger. 

On top of these I also watch a whole host of other shows, if your a girly girl then Mistresses and Devious Maids is the one to watch! I also love the NCIS series, Hawaii Five-0,  Supergirl, Agent Carter,  Criminal Minds, oh the list goes on...

What TV do you recommend I start watching? Not that I need anymore! 

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