Clothes Show Live 2015

Welcome to my Annual Clothes Show Post! This year has to be the most amazing year yet, not only because I took along my bestie Aamira but also because the whole thing had a revamp! They had better brands this year including Nanshy, NYX and Cloud Nine as well as decorating the NEC with prettier displays and brighter lights! This time round I was very lucky again to be accepted for a Press Pass/Blogger 2015 and it was amazing. We went into the blogger bar, were spoilt with an amazing goodie bag that I am going to talk through in a moment and we got the chance to meet Jamie Lang from MIC! He was the cutest person ever, having a chat with him and getting to know him was the highlight of my day. I had so much fun and it was all because of you guys, thank you for reading my blog - erm we hit 1000 followers!

The Bloggers Goodie Bag 


I am not trying to brag or showoff about this goodie bag, it has become part of my haul and I want to show you all the amazing things. As you can see it was full of all things pretty, girly and amazing. There were KISS nails in there, Lavish Phone Case, KISS Lashes, Leather Protector, A Olympus PEN leather strap which is making me want to buy their camera it is stunning. There was also a selfie stick in their from the sponsors of the fashion show Alcatel, a makeup brush and some little bits like nail file and mirror. The biggest gifts in their have to be the Paul's Boutique purse and  a Maniere De Voir coin purse which has been put straight into my handbag its so pretty.


This year was a little different for me as I didn't buy the brands I typically go for such as Models Own because I am still trying to use their things from the year and year before! The first stall that caught me was called 'Celebrity Scents' and they stocked perfumes from the celebs, the company was SAS Perfumes in charge of the branded ones. I picked up Little Mix Gold Magic and Cheryl Stormflower Noir for £10 each and Aamira got Ri Ri for the same price - couldn't believe my eyes. Then I headed to the KISS Nails store, not realising that they were in the goody bag but the nonetheless, stick on nails are the best thing to do! GOSH were also there where I managed to pick up a Nude lip liner and rose gold eye shadow stick. NYX were also there this year and oh my gosh it was wonderful! There was such a que for a long time but we caved in the end and waited and I am so glad we did. I managed to see what the hype about the brand was and felt quite overwhelmed at first until I picked up two bits - Shine Killer and Butter Gloss, which I will report back soon. Then the biggest purchase of all was from Cloud Nine Hair. I picked up their curlers after the lovely lady curled my hair and convinced me that my hair will curl and it lasted 3 days! I am now slightly in LOVE with curly hair one me - let me know your thoughts?

Woo, that was a long post wasn't it! I hope you enjoyed coming around with me, it was such a fun day and I can't wait till next year! If you ever get the chance to go then I highly recommend it! Enjoy x


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