Life At University: Freshers Week

Last week I began my adventure of becoming a primary school teacher by heading off to university! It is a BIG step in anyone's life when  you move away from home and spend your next three years living on a 'student budget'. But I am excited for this adventure, it will be filled with emotions but that's all part of the process and I can't wait to graduate and then become a actual teacher. 
freshers week reflection
Over the next three years I also hope to keep this blog going, as beauty has become a big love of mine and I want to carry on blogging for as long as I can because I really enjoy it. Sometimes there will be weeks without any posts going up because life will get in the way, but I am hoping that I can find the right balance and schedule up blog posts for the weeks I know will be hell. 

Last week I had 'Freshers Week' the first week at university where you start to settle in. It took me three days to be finally happy with my room, shuffling things around and moving things from one area to the another area. As I want it to be as cosy as possible. Freshers for me hasn't been like you would typically class freshers as. I haven't gone out 11pm every night and got drunk out of my head because a) i don't drink and b) that's not me. And I decided very early on in the week that I wasn't going to change for anyone just because I was at uni doesn't mean the rules I have lived by get thrown out the window. I have questioned myself as to whether or not I should have gone, but would I have been comfortable? Probably not. Instead I have been spending the nights watching TV & Films. Ringing home to see if they miss me and in my opinion the most important - sleeping. 
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In this first week I have already learnt a lot of things on the academic side of things such as how much work I will have to keep on top of as well as the life sides of things. Doing your washing is very complicated and shopping for food without getting distracted by makeup is a hard task. Every so often I hope to document my time at university to share with anyone else who is going through or will be about to go through the same thing. 

If you are nervous about starting something new whether it be university or even a job, just remember that everyone else you are surrounded by is too. They may not show it or say it but deep down they are absolutely petrified. The nerves give you power to push yourself and also the most daunting thing making friends seems like a simple task once you give yourself a boost. 

I would love to know your experiences with University and how you overcame any problems?! 

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