How To; Wear a Bold Lip

How To; Wear a Bold Lip

A year ago I would have NEVER EVER worn anything more than a nude lip because I was petrified, and thought that it wouldn't look nice. Then I came to the realisation that I can wear any colour of lipstick I want, as long as I wear it right and don't go too bold too quickly. Here is your ultimate guide to wear bold lip colours! 
How To; Wear a Bold Lip

Why Should You Even Wear A Bold Lipstick?
The lipstick you wear completes your outfit without the need for any other accessories, no lie it gives you a confidence boost you can walk into the street and feel on top of the world because everyone is jealous of that lip colour. Then you will find a tone, shade and type of formula that you have fallen in love with and there is no stopping you! 

Making It Last

 - Prep = Exfoliate your lips with your toothbrush and a little bit of brown sugar to make sure your lipstick doesn't cling on to any dry skin. If your lips are dry then the lipstick will look flaxy and awful.
Then take a little bit of translucent powder and pat on to your lips,this will act as an adhesive and hold your colour for that little bit longer. Having a translucent one doesn't mess with the shade of your lipstick. Or use the trick below!
There is also the option to use lip primers such as Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer or Urban Decay Lip Primer Potion, these are produced to brighten the colour you are wearing.
- Apply, Blot and then Re-Apply = This is one of the things that I do religiously! Apply a layer of your lipstick, pull apart a tissue and blot but when you place it over the lips take a bit of powder and tap - this helps to set the layer in place. Now you can apply a second layer and you are ready for the day!
- Line = This is something I have only really just started to do and have been thinking why on earth I didn't do this before! Using a lip liner makes life easier, using one that is a little lighter makes the process less messy and then after lining, filling in and applying your lipstick you know that there is colour underneath even if the colour rubs off.

How To; Wear a Bold Lip

When to and When NOT to Wear a Bold Lipstick!
- Glasses Girl like me - A bold lip is perfect because you can't always see the eye makeup you are wearing, and will make you stand out.
- Going out with Friends - Your gals are the perfect people to test out a new lipstick colour with, they will be the ones that can tell you the truth on what it looks like.
- School/Work - If your shy or need that big boost of confidence then wear a bold lip to your office and show them that you know what you are doing and that you mean business!
- Don't Wear it with a Smokey Eye - Everyone loves making a smokey eye look extra glam, but a bold lip is not the way keep things simple and neutral on the lip otherwise it can look too overpowering.

The Number One piece of 'advice' that I can give you is working up slowly to that bold colour. Start with formulas that are sheer (Revlon Lip Butters) and then work your way up to Nude Matte Lips as these will give you the first boost to wearing a bold colour.Then wear those reds and bold pinks because you know you can rock it, I only wear matte formulas because they last longer, and you don't need to worry about it coming out straight away because it sets.

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