The Body Shop Tea Tree Primer| Review

The Body Shop Tea Tree PrimerThe Body Shop Tea Tree Primer

My new favourite Everyday Primer. When I popped in TBS a few weeks ago I had to pick this up because Insta Blur was out of stock, so this was the next best alternative and boy am I glad I picked it up. As soon as you put it on your fingers you can see that its yellow which is ok because it becomes clear on the skin. When on the face it also tingles but that is fine with me because I know its working well. 
This primer is suitable for all skin types as the bottle says which is true as I have combo skin and it works wonder. My skin is also blemished and I have seen a difference in the redness of my spots and breakouts. 
If you are in the market for a new primer then this is what you need because it is amazing,and lasts for about  hours which is your average day and what more do you want?! It sinks straight away into the skin so you don't have to wait a long time.



Unknown said...

I love tea tree. I use tea tree drops to prevent pimples..
Nika's Beauty Land

Class and Glitter said...

I need to try the drops!