How to Style Kimono's!

How to Style Kimono's

My recent go to outfit has been this one, and I just had to show you all it because it is very summery and pretty! Kimono's seem to be everywhere at the moment and have taken over the fashion world, and I knew that I just had to get my self one. This one is actually from Asda! Yes, probably you're local supermarket. I always go in the clothes section and just happened to find this bargain at £5, more than half the price of the ones in other shops these days! I paired it with a plain top from Store 21 and then my go to Matalan jeans because they are uber comfy.
How to Style Kimono's
I tried to photograph the print as best as I could because you all just needed to say it, it is so gorgeous and very summery and it was from Asda? I mean seriously! I love Kimono's because they are summery, airy and very lightweight so you can throw it on top of everything!

Styling a Kimono!
I also thought I would share with you some tips on how to style them as well as there is so many out there I personally never know what to wear with them!
- Wear it with a skirt and a tank top which will make it look more colourful.
- They look super cute with jumpsuits/playsuits/rompers because you are adding some extra style.
- Use it as a bathing suit cover up! Yes that right, they are long and big enough to cover you up in the sun.
- Like mine, pair a printed Kimono with some jeans and a plain t-shirt. Maybe even add a long necklace for a bit more. 
- If you are a fan of all black, then pair a brighter Kimono to break up all the black and some chunky gold accessories would be great as well!
- The above point also makes sense if you use it all white as well, then you can look all monochromic and trendy!
- For something more casual wear just your everyday jeans and t-shirt and throw a kimono on top.
- As far as shoes go, I like anything with them but as you can see in this post I paired it with my nude heels and it worked well!



Unknown said...

Ive been waiting for a post like this! everyones wearing kimono's at the moment but no one talks about styling them! Lovely post and some really handy tips in there! x

Class and Glitter said...

Glad I have helped you a little, and they are way easier to wear than you think! xx