July Favourites ♥

July Favourites
Hello August! Another month, another monthly favourites post! Yes we are finished with July and going in to August. July was a very hot month, the sun was shining and the birds where tweeting, and the royal baby was born. As far as new products are concerned I have loved a lot of summery things, if that makes sense?
July Favourites

First up dry shampoo, a pound land buy and not a single regret. I was always hesitant of buying dry shampoo as I never got the idea and love behind it but now I don’t look back. This little bottle of wisdom is great for those days when it is hot but you don’t want to put yourself through the heartache of washing your hair and drying it ECT. A spray of this and you are good as gold. The shampoo also smells amazing, and leaves your hair feeling non greasy and looking fresh.
July Favourites

I hate slapping on heavy amounts of make up when the sun is out, because it just melts off my face like ice cream. So, the best thing to use is a BB Cream and I love this one from MUA the coverage is medium and with concealer on top can cover you up. It lasts all day on my skin and does the job of a bb cream, it is also very purse friendly at only £4 a bottle and seems to match my skin perfect unlike many MUA products which don’t.
July Favourites

Sticking with that sweaty theme, I have used up so much deodorant this month that I am in shock of how many bottles I have thrown away. This one by Nivea though has to be my favourite and I constantly repurchase it no matter what the weather or the price. It does a great job at keeping me going for hours and doesn't leave any of them disgusting white marks under my arms.
July Favourites

Also from Nivea, I have used this lip balm that helps with protecting your lips from the sunshine. I am always the one that puts spf all over my face and leaves my lips bare so they crack and go horrid or smear the spf over which makes it look like I am a cricket player. This however, is my solution to preventing both those tragedies. It leaves a clear finish to your lips and protects against any harmful rays from the sun, it is also a great base for under any lip products that you might want to put on over.

And last but not least, a make up sponge. Which is my holy grail make up product, forget spending tons on the beauty blender when you can just use this simple sponge to get the same effect and finish. I find that it works best when it is damp as the foundation is much easier to blend and move around. I bought a big bag of the sponges from the pound shop, but they are also available to buy from super drug and boots.

I also have a summer ‘tune’ if that makes sense! I have been listening non-stop to the new Miley Cyrus song ‘We Can’t Stop’ it has had mixed reviews but I just love it. 


Yanzel said...

Gonna try that dry shampoo as soon as I run out of my own.

The Caribbean Flower

Unknown said...

I love Nivea lip balms, I'm using them all the time! I haven't tried this pareticular one yet though, I definitely have to xx


Unknown said...

I haven't tried any dry shampoos yet but the one you mentioned seems like a great product!