My Basic Travel Essentials ♥

My Basic Travel Essentials

Summer. It is officially here. And this is the time of year when everyone is getting ready to go on holiday, whether it means around the country you live in for weekend a ways or going abroad for some sun! Whatever it is you will be travelling! This is a another one of my series' where I will be showing you and sharing with you tips, tricks and ways to make your travelling times easier!

And one thing you always have to look after is your skin and body, especially if you are travelling by plane - as the humidity can affect your skin. Here are my travel sized essentials that I purchase every year as it makes it easier for me to carry everything! The beauty of these two packs that I am going to share with you, is that they are 'Hand Luggage Friendly' meaning that you can take them on the plane with you and feed your body and skin with goodness.

My Basic Travel Essentials

This is the Nivea kit that you can purchase.. it comes with;

* Pearl Deodorant - hands down, this is my favourite summer time deodorant. It feels very light on you and lasts all day!

* Pocket Size SPF30 Sunscreen - You have to protect your skin at all times from the sun, this small sized bottle makes it easier and more handbag friendly to carry around.

* Lip Balm with SPF30 - We all never realise that our lips can also get harmed from the sun, and this lip balm is the best to help any sun damage from happening on your lips.

* Facial Cleansing Wipes - These wipes are great to remove make up and if you want to just freshen up, not only do they smell amazing but they do amazing things to your face.

* Shower Cream - When you are by the pool at the seaside or even at the hotel/ any accommodation it is always best to carry around and bring your own soap as it is then something you are used to, you don't have to worry about allergies ect.

* Hand Cream - I do love my soap and glory, however it is expensive. This Nivea hand cream is the next best thing! It smells good enough to eat and nourishes your hands so much they are left feeling super soft and silky.

My Basic Travel Essentials

My Basic Travel Essentials

This Simple kit is more for your face, it includes products that can be used day and night and are great for those like me; who have sensitive skin.

*Cleansing Wipes- Just like the Nivea ones, these are superb at removing any trace of make up and aren't harsh to your skin in any way.

* Facial Wash Gel - This gel is great for first thing in the morning, it helps your skin get ready for the day and helps your skin to recover from the night before.

* Moisturiser - Whether you are having a sunny holiday abroad or a holiday in another city in your country, you should ALWAYS moisturise you face and body. It is so important and I can't stress to you enough how important it is - like seriously.

*Facial Toner - A toner is great to use every morning and night as part of your skin care routine, it helps get rid of dirt and feeds your skin.


raiderebel said...

Hi, where can I buy the Nivea set and for how much? Thanks x

Class and Glitter said...

You can get it in Supergrud for £5 and also on

Parie x

Yanzel said...

I really want to try something from that Simple care line. I've heard great things about it.

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