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Prepare to spend some money!! For the second round of my guest blog posts, bring you the lovely girls from Blogging Beauty Buddies. Sophia and Ainsely's are two lovely girls and we have spoken for ages now! We have a few things coming up together now so keep your eyes peeled! They are going to talk to you about their favourite summer trends! 


Hello Class and Glitter readers! We are the blogging beauty buddies, Ainsley and Sophia. We have a blog as well (duh) and post content on a weekly basis. We really like posting on our specified days for a more structured blog. We have Makeup Monday, TAG Th----ursday and Fun Friday where we write a variety of makeup, fashion and lifestyle posts. We have known Parie (through the wonders if the Internet) for a couple months now and we were so excited for the chance to guest blog. Alright, let's get right into our Summer Trends post!

Sophia's Favourite Summer Trends:

1. Coloured Hair! This is something really fun that we have been seeing all the time. Using hair chalking techniques or dye (rinse out or permanent) this is something really fun that basically anyone could try!

 Top Summer Trends

I love the colours in her hair!

2. The other summer trend I have been loving is coloured eyeliner! I just think that it is so fun for summer and it just adds something interesting to your look, and we will be posting a tutorial on this soon!

 Top Summer Trends

I really love the way this looks on Cara Delevingne! 

Ainsley's Favourite Summer Trends:

3. One of my favourite summer trends has to be super cute hair accessories. I really think that they are a super fun way to add colour to your hair without any commitment. Hair bows are really cute with buns, with the half up half up do, and also a pretty way to keep your bangs out of your face! I also really love floral headbands, they are perfect for more of a bohemian vibe, definitely perfect for a music festival or just hanging out during the summer.

4. My other favourite trend for summer is anything floral printed! With so many different options, your sure to find your perfect floral printed piece!

Try out the floral print trend by wearing a cute dress like this one from Forever 21

We would like to take an oppertunity to thank the lovely Parie for letting us guest blog for her, it was really fun! Thanks for reading, and please check out our blog!  have a great day!

xoxo BBB

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