Charlotte Tilbury x Disney100 Review

Today, I am putting the spotlight on two absolute must-haves that will transport you back to your childhood. I'm a bit late putting my review up but a lot has happened in the last six months! The Charlotte Tilbury x Disney collaboration is beautiful. The beauty light wands* and the magic cream are two products that are already gorgeous but have been made even better with this amazing collab. 

Let's start with Charlotte Tilbury's iconic Magic Cream. Now, the name alone promises a little bit of enchantment, doesn't it? This cream has earned its spot as a cult favorite, and with good reason. Just like a wave of fairy godmother's wand, it transforms your skin, leaving it with a dewy glow that rivals Cinderella's ball.

The Magic Cream is a skincare saviour, concocted with a blend of powerhouse ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins C and E, and BioNymph Peptide Complex. It's like a feast for your skin, giving it the hydration it craves and the radiant boost you've been dreaming of. I swear, every time I apply this cream, I can almost hear Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo playing in the background!

Now, onto the packaging – Charlotte Tilbury knows how to make us feel like royalty. The Disney-themed design is nothing short of a collector's dream. The iconic illustrations bring a touch of nostalgia, making each application feel like a magical ritual.

Beauty Light Wands: Illuminate Like a Princess

But wait, the enchantment doesn't stop there! Let's talk about the Beauty Light Wands – the secret weapons for achieving that ethereal glow. These wands are like mini magic wands that add the perfect amount of shimmer and light to your complexion. I can practically hear Tinker Bell sprinkling fairy dust as I apply these!

The Beauty Light Wands come in three dazzling shades – 'Spotlight' for a candlelit glow, 'Pillow Talk' for a dreamy rose-gold shimmer, and 'Goldgasm' for a golden goddess radiance. These wands are not just about the glow; they're about creating an experience. The luxurious packaging, combined with the silky texture of the product, makes you feel like you're applying a touch of enchantment to your face.

And can we talk about the applicator? It's so user-friendly; you don't need a fairy godmother to guide you. The cushioned sponge effortlessly blends the product, leaving you with a luminous finish that's fit for a princess.

It was a first for me trying both of these products and I am beyond impressed. I can see why they are the best sellers. I love them! My link gets you 20% off full priced products! 

*pr product, all my own opinions

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