Teacher Diaries #1

If you didn't already know, I'm actually a primary school teacher by profession. I am currently in my third year of teaching and love every minute of it. It has its positives and negatives, as well as the last year or so been a challenge but everyday is filled with something different and new and I wouldn't have it any other way. For today's post, I thought I would do a mini- day in the life - not sure if its interesting but here goes...                                                                   

Before Leaving - the alarm goes off, I jump out of bed and straight downstairs for some breakfast. My go to every morning is a bowl of crunchy nut, it fills me up and keeps me going until lunch. After that, I jump in the shower and then get ready for the day. 

My makeup for work is pretty simple and each day I find my self stripping it back more and more. A quick dab of eyeshadow on the eyes along with mascara. I mix Double Wear with Fresh-wear to give me an even, covered up base and then set it all with powder. During the week I alternate with blush, bronzer and highlighter. 

I keep my outfit the ready the night before to save faffing in the morning. On this particular morning, I went for some black trousers and a gorgeous printed blouse from H&M, which is my new favourite shop for work clothes. So many beautiful items for less. 

Leaving - My Dad and I car share, he drops me off on his way and then picks me up in the evening. He works a further 10 minutes away from my school, it all works really well. We leave at about 7 and get to my school just before 8 - its a long journey but nothing the morning radio can't help us with. I usually take a green tea with me in the car. This Under the Sea travel mug* is the perfect size for the morning and the bamboo material makes it easy to hold and keeps it warm for longer. 

At School

As soon as I walk through the double doors and get into my room, the madness begins. Each morning is different, but on this particular morning it was a sort out and get ready morning. I had worksheets to trim and organise for my class and the opposite class. Books that needs to be marked and then handed back out again. I also needed to pop into the art storeroom (my favourite place) to pick up some bits before my course in the evening.

8.30 is when the children come and from then until 12.30 when its my lunch I am rushed off my feet. Teaching back to back with break duty outside, the only thing that keeps me going is cute stationery and a snack box. I love taking a variety of snacks, anything from fruit to nuts - something to give me some well needed energy. I've become obsessed with the matching Under the Sea lunchbox * to my travel mug. 

After that the afternoon begins...

After school..

Just when you think the day has stopped, it only gets busier! I finished today and then we had a staff meeting at 3.45 till 4.30. After that finished, I headed straight home to complete some training till 7pm. It was all about art and vocabulary, the subject I lead in school and am so passionate about. I love training courses and virtual ones make life so much easier as you don't have to see people in real life! I really enjoy meeting new people, making connections and of course broadening my subject knowledge. I've been tracking all my notes in my cute Mickey Notebook*

Eventually, the night ends with dinner and TV time! I'm currently re-watching The Vampire Diaries and I love getting into bed at night and watching a few (or more) before nodding off. 

Then I repeat this all over the next day...

*gifted items but all opinions are my own

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