Liquid Lipsticks That Won't Budge

With wearing masks more and more, makeup that we wear seems to be getting less and less. My makeup life however is slightly different! I am still wearing makeup daily for work and wear a mask at select times during the day but not all day. For me, this means that I still need a long lasting lipstick that won't budge from my lips with and without a mask. I fell out of love with liquid lipsticks a while back but now they are my new best friend! p.s they're all nudes of course

* Maybelline Super-stay Lipstick // £9.99 (always on offer)


This is probably the oldest lipstick in my collection, one that doesn't seem to be finishing anytime soon either. The entire Super-stay range is all about makeup that lasts all day come rain or shine. This lipstick is a lovely light pink that has a very strong vanilla scent. Its a different formula to the others I will be mentioning as its a lot thicker in formula. You have to drag a little bit to get an even and smooth layer. Despite it taking a few minutes to dry down and set on the lips, it lasts through everything. 

*NYX Liquid Suede // £7.00 (seem to be an old range) 


When it comes to formulas and shades, NYX have something for everyone and they are taking my over my collection. This is just one of the formulas mentioned in this post. The opposite of the Maybelline, this has a much thinner and runny formula however it is easy to spread evenly and it glides on. One swipe of this and you can get close to full coverage and once its settled down, the formula doesn't crack or move around. Of them all it doesn't last as long, by the end of the day I have the product on my lips but its very light in colour compared to the morning. Its lovely paired with MAC's Soar Liner. 

*Fenty Liquid Lipstick // £20


Definitely the priciest of the bunch but if you haven't treated yourself in a while, trying one of these beauties from Fenty is definitely worth it. Fenty nail it with the pigmentation, formula and longevity. Uncuffed is the perfect nude for every occasion as it goes so well with my skin tone. The formula is runny like the NYX Suede but this one grips on to your lips and sticks. It leaves a gorgeous matte finish and I just know that it won't dry out, budge or crack all day. 

*NYX Shine Loud Liquid Lipsticks // £11

SHADES -   Goal Getter (dark nude) & Another Level (pink)

These are those lipsticks - if you know, you know. They went viral on the internet for being glossy but transfer proof! They came to the UK late, as with everything and sold out - as usual but on a trip to Boots a while back I managed to get my little paws on two colours and both my mum and I have been obsessed. These are lightweight, comfortable and a glossy liquid lipsticks. There are two sides to the one product, the colour - packs a punch, similar formula to the suede and lasts beautifully by itself. Then after applying that as step 1, you lock it in with the clear gloss side. It might be a gloss but it doesn't rub off, get caught in hair or even transfer onto masks or other people! There is something in the formula that just works and lasts. 

I love all these, each formula is unique and different in its own way and works well with and without masks. They're great if you're going for outdoor food too! 


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