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                                                                                             January has been a month of online teaching, lots of uncertainties and of course lots of food. With things in the world how they are, this blog still remains my little escape and I love coming back every weekend and catching up on blogs, reading comments and writing blog posts. Bringing back something that I haven't done in over a year - monthly favourites! I've got to make more of an effort to do these because there are so many things that I fall in love with as the month goes on.

#1 Rituals Tinted Lip Balm*

I've been loving this lip balm recently, not only does it give a little bit of colour to the lips but with all the mask wearing but its giving my lips some well needed nourishment. They've been so cracked and dry recently that I've had to apply lip balm constantly. 

#2 NARS Soft Matte Concealer

My heart has always loved liquid concealer but my heart has been taken over my the NARS pot concealer. This little pot is magical and well worth the investment. I love using it under my foundation to spot concealer and on top to cover any marks or spots that appear on the surface. A tiny bit on a brush covers everything and its easy to blend and the shade GINGER is spot on for me. 

#3 CT Cream Eyeshadow in Rose Gold

Another little pot of wonder! This creamy, smooth, irresistibly gorgeous eyeshadow has been my go to product this past month. I love apply this everyday and making me eyes look all shimmery and gorgeous. When I say you need the tiniest little bit of this, you really do. It goes a long way, spreads all over the eye lid and does not budge. 

#4 Marc Jacobs Perfume

I've always had issues with perfumes lasting on me. No matter what I have tried or tested, they just don't last. I get so jealous of people who I can smell from a mile away! This perfume doesn't last on me but boy does it smell wonderful and I happily apply it several times a day just to smell it. I love how fresh it smells and its the perfect transitional scent before we go into Spring.

#5 Carfume Love Hearts*

I love getting little gadgets for the car, when you're in one every morning and evening during the week - small things really make a huge difference. I've even ordered one of those dip holders that you can attach to the air vent! The little diamond and wood accessory has made my car smell insane recently. This scent is a limited edition Love Hearts one and makes the whole car journey even more fun. These last much longer than regular car fresheners and are available in a variety of scents. 

#6 Watch

There have been so many shows I have watched recently, its my favourite thing to do in the evening to switch off. 
WandaVision - took me a while to get into it but I am loving it. 
Virgin River - such a heart warming programme thats full of everything that a small town has.
Night Shift - a slept on medical show! If you love Grey's you'll LOVE this.

Instant Family - not a show but a movie and its lovely. I cried so much at the end, completely not what you expect but its amazing. 

What have you loved in January?

*pr samples

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