Let's Talk Skin

My skin is something I have always spoken about on here, the highs and low but I don't think I've actually ever shared my face. Why? Probably because I'm ashamed and embarrassed. Until recently, I never felt confident without makeup on, hated anyone coming round the house if I didn't have some concealer or, never went out for five minutes without covering my face. Such little things but things that have a massive impact on your mental health. Then in October, I decided to change things. I started to become more confident in my own skin and let me tell you, there is no better feeling. I still have awful days, spotty skin days, hormones playing up - but I'm smiling and surely thats the main thing?                                                

For the last two months, I have been so strict with myself. Diet and skincare. Invested in time, products and kept going with things. Instead of using something once and getting frustrated because my skin didn't magically change overnight, I kept going and going and now we seem to be finding some sort of path that works. I've started taking Zinc which has massively helped with hormonal breakouts, I'm looking more closely at what I'm putting into my body and the ingredients that I am using on my face.

Making it clear to myself that healing takes time, my skin isn't going to change overnight - but it will eventually. The pictures below are taken 2 months apart. In the top my skin isn't at its worst, but you can see that there are lots of scars, marks and redness. The bottom was taken the weekend just gone and looking at these, show me that something is working. 

I have some new best friends when it comes to skincare: acids and retinol. OH MY GOSH, I always got scared of using the two because I thought my skin would freak but in fact, its loved it and soaked it straight up. The GRL from Deviant skincare was the thing that started things off, from this I've gone on to use the Clear Skin Days range* from Holland and Barrett. They sent me this in PR and to be honest, I wasn't expecting much. However, using the products slowly in my routine and incorporating it with other hydrating and nourishing products has made the world of a difference. About two weeks ago, I started having 'tret' nights, just once a week for now but my god, my skin is peeling and its amazing! I love how soft and supple it is underneath and I can't believe the change.

I am still nowhere near done with this journey, I mean.. as I type there is a huge spot on my chin just waiting to popped(trying to get out of the habit of picking) and some other little under the skin ones causing me pain...
I am still finding new things and searching the internet for things to try and test, hopefully one day I have a secure routine in place that I can share and get in the habit of using. 

Please, if you're struggling with your skin; 
> you're not alone
> it takes time
> don't believe the people online who say 'cured my acne overnight'
> always patch test
>be slow and steady

I'm always on the hunt for new skincare... let me know your favourites <3 


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