Everyday Makeup

The products that I use on a daily basis, have their own place in my makeup dresser. They sort of just sit together, so I can grab them at any point in the morning, without having to worry or look for them. I honestly thought this year would be the year I experiment more with the products I use and change them in rotation but I can't help but just use the same things over and over again - I only use these because they are what I trust.                                              

Primer and Setting Spray // I completely forgot to include this in the photo but I swear by Urban Decay All Nighter. I've been spraying it as a primer and a setting spray and it really locks in my makeup and helps keep it looking flawless all day. 

Foundation // I can't help but use Double Wear on a daily basis. Some people find it too thick but I find that using the tiniest amount and spreading it around with my fingers then going over it with a sponge or brush is the perfect way to give me coverage without it feeling or looking heavy and cakey. 

Concealer // I am so picky when it comes to concealer and it has to be one product that I really am not fussed about. I hardly buy it and only ever use it if I have to. Fenty's Concealer is the one I reach for after a late night, which is most nights, to cover my darkness and ashiness. Its not the best but it does the job and I am desperate to finish it up. 

Powder // Since buying this Maybelline Fit Me Loose in Hawaii over two years ago, I have not stopped using it. I now buy this on Amazon from a seller in Germany because I can't be without it. I wish Maybelline sold this in the UK because the finely milled powder does a fantastic job at controlling oil and smoothing out the skin. I tried Laura Mercier's powder but hated how heavy it felt....such an unpopular opinion...

Bronzer // As you can see, my butter bronzer is very very well loved. I can't remember the last time I tried something else, this is just perfect for my skin tone and it lasts me ages! I've had this for nearly a year and have only just hit pan now. Its bloody brilliant. I am on the hunt to try a new bronzer thought, have my eye on a NARS one.

Lipstick // I keep it so simple with just these products. Once upon a time I would wear highlight everyday but I've stopped and just don't reach for it. Blush is something I am still mastering but lipstick is always something I have to apply before I leave the house. This is from Max Factor, a brand I don't really try much from but this shade 'sugar' was recommended by a friend and its the perfect pinky nude for everyday. It has a satin finish so it gives the lips some shine and looks beautiful.

I love keeping things simple and easy in the mornings, hate being late and hate spending too much time getting ready! 

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