Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon

Sleep. The one thing that we can never have too much of or too less of. Last week, I got the amazing chance to jump on a Zoom call with Dermalogica and a bunch of other bloggers to learn about sleep and their fabulous Sound Sleep Cocoon* cream. Did you know that as humans, we spend a 1/3 of our life sleeping? Crazy right!

What is the Dermalogica sound sleep cocoon? The SSC is an evening skincare treatment gel-cream hybrid. It's an oddly satisfying texture. It’s a sleek and smooth gel, but feels creamy and soft like a traditional, thick night cream. It actually works hard all night long to enhance my skin while I sleep. 
It is encapsulated, with lavender essential oil, along with sandalwood and patchouli. Small amounts of persian silk tree helps to reduce the sign of skin fatigue. All in all, the ingredient list is pretty amazing. 

Innovative Packaging:  I need to mention the innovative and smart packaging and design of this Dermalogica product. It looks like a jar with a lid, but it’s not…it’s better. One thing I really don't like is having to use my usually long nails to dip into a tub... this packaging means you can twist and it gives the correct amount of product, without any mess!

The ingredients tick every single box for me. They are amazing and make my skin so happy and alive. It has a strong yet beautiful smell with a purpose: the smell from the French Lavender essential oil is heavenly. I have a lavender essential oil pillow spray that I sometimes use and this is better. As soon as I put this gel-cream on my face I am in aromatherapy land and it just calms me and my skin right down. 

Major skin improvement in a short time: This Dermalogica night cream was sent to me before the zoom, I think about a week before to have a go with and try out. The actual texture of my skin feels smoother, softer and more glowy - which with my hormonal mess of a skin is usually unheard of.

I was reading reviews on the Dermalogica website, and someone mentioned they use it in collaboration with a couple of their other products and I need to try this out to make my perfect skincare recipe. It comes with a hefty price tag of £75....but I think its worth the investment and will last you forever, as do most Dermalogica products! 

Have you ever found a product that helps you sleep better?! When you sleep it makes you feel so much better inside and outside!

*pr sample, all opinions are my own

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