Wedding Makeup COVID-19 Edition

 Over the bank holiday weekend, my family and I travelled down south for a lock down wedding. My cousin was meant to get married in India back in April, then everything happened in the world and it got cancelled. She was still determined to get married this year and when restrictions got lifted, she booked in the bank holiday for 30 guest and got married! It was such a lovely weekend, a smaller wedding was so lovely and intimate too, everyone knew everyone and it was cosy and more special. I of course had all my makeup planned...this is what I ended up going for.   

My makeup had to be on from 6am till 6pm, so I needed something long lasting and that would not budge no matter the weather or my own emotions. The venue was 'Hanbury Wedding Barn' it was such a gorgeous place- floral, pastel and the wedding was INCREDIBLE. 
Hanbury Wedding Barn

For my base, I packed on the Milk Hydro Grip Primer, it gives me a really sticky base to apply foundation. I opted for Double Wear for the main event and the YSL All Hours for the other events. It worked well as this stuff did not move one bit and kept my oils in control. A bit of concealer everywhere to hide pigmentation and dark circles and then a decent amount of powder. I've started to apply my powder with a puff instead of a brush to really press it in and I have to say it has saved my skin from getting oily! It works wonders. The LM Powder is also well worth the hype, I am loving it for setting my makeup. 

I then applied some bronzer, blush and highlight to give my face some life and definition. It was my usual Butter Bronzer, EX1 Natural Flush and MAC Soft and Gentle. I opted for a natural face look as my eyes were going to be silvery, glittery paired with fluttery lashes. 

KISS Magnetic Lashes

I'm also terrible because I didn't take a photo of my face on its own, but I did take some of my outfit and the eyes. For my eyes, I mixed lots of different greys and silver's to create like a sparkly effect on my eyes. Paired with some magnetic lashes it was a dream to wear. My eyes really were the star of the show, I wore the Kiss Magnetic Lashes  *throughout the weekend and they were a life saver. I opted not to wear contacts as they irritate my eyes and stuck with contacts. I needed lashes that were suitable for glasses and easy to put on. 

To apply these lashes, you apply the liquid liner that comes in the set and then take the lashes off the little magnet in the packet and apply them straight onto where you put the liner. It's actually magical how they just pop straight on, no hassle, no pushing and pulling and no getting angry because the band won't sit on the lash line. Its best to apply liner on top after to hide the band as it can be seen but I just about got away with it. 

I wore 'TEMPT' all weekend but 'CHARM' are definitely going on my eyes the next time I dress up. These lashes have changed the lash game for me, so much easy to apply and feel sturdy and secure on the eye. Even with me pushing up my glasses all the time, they still lasted and I reused them for 4 different occasions. 

I was really happy with my final look and think it looked perfect for a COVID-19 style wedding, my outfit actually fit me (I bought it in January) and my cousin had her special day in the best way possible. 

Have you tried magnetic lashes at all? If not, you must! 

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