Beauty Pie Favourites

I don't think I have ever disclosed my love for Beauty Pie on the blog, its a brand that I absolutely adore. I've tried more skincare from them than makeup but its definetely an avenue that I would like to go down. If you're wondering how BP works, check out this post by Rachel aka Beauty Queen UK. She explains it perfectly.                     

There are things that I have used in the past that I don't currently have, including the Japanfusion cleanser, which is amazing as a morning face wash. The Double Phase cleanser which is great at removing makeup. Super Retinol serum which I don't think my skin liked very much but I really want to try it again and their makeup brushes are some of my favourites too! 

My current three favourites are as follows:

I love these capsules, they make skincare really fun! They hold a high dosage of the goodness for your skin and help you know exactly how much you should be applying and using. I love using these in the evening before my prescription creams as they are nourishing and really hydrating. They have a serum like texture but with a more velvet finish, after a couple of weeks of use I saw the benefits of hydrating and plumped skin. I think they're planning on discontinuing them though :( 

This is my third bottle of these magical drops and one of the first items I tried from BP. If you suffer from texture, breakouts and skin that goes crazy during certain times then this is for you. I've been using a small amount of these on my jawline every night for the past few months and I would be lost without them. They help those pesky under the skin spots stay at bay and help with the angry ones that you know you shouldn't pick at but you do anyway. 

*Jeju Mist - currently not available 

I am heartbroken that this mist is no longer available, I do hope they bring one out in its replacement because its the most refreshing thing ever. I love spraying this when I'm really hot and sticky as it calms my face down, its perfect for evening and morning skincare routines to hydrate the skin and it smells wonderful too. It makes me want to try more face mists and more from the Jeju range as I think my skin really loves it. 

Overall, I have to say that I am so impressed with BP, if you have any questions then let me know.

If you're interested in trying BP then use my link to get your first month for free! Its well worth the try and I promise you won't regret it. 


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