Summer Skin At Home

 With summer in full swing, its time to get my skin ready for the days out in the sunshine and evening strolls. I have been working a lot on my skin recently, its oily but dehydrated with lots of pigmentation issues and large pores. Everyday I do a simple yet effective skincare routine but, on a weekend, I like to have a full pamper and a facial. Its nothing fancy or elaborate, but a nice way to make my skin feel and look good.
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ole henrikson

Step 1: Exfoliate
 After cleaning my skin in the morning, I go straight in with a exfoliator facial scrub. This is the Pore Balance Scrub from Ole Henriksen, a brand that I love and need to try out more of this year. This scrub is inspired by the Scandinavian spas and is a blend of different AHAs that help to lift and remove the dead skin cells from the surface of my skin. Upon application, this scrub begins to heat up, giving that spa like feeling and once rubbed into the skin, it cools back down – it is an experience. I love the smell of this scrub, its very soothing and by using this weekly, I have felt that my skin is softer and smoother to touch. I also love using a physical scrub in the summer as it helps to really clean all the sweat, impurities and makeup off my skin. 

rose water tone

Step Two: Tone

After removing the scrub, I like to go in with a toner. Toners and serums (which we’ll get on to later) are two of the  best skincare products in my opinion. They are always the most effective on my skin and I see the biggest results. This glycerine and rosewater toner is the perfect product to use after a scrub as it hydrates my skin. I’ve also found rosewater has helped with any redness and irritation I have on my skin too.

garnier tissue mask

Step 3: Mask

If I was having a week of bad skin, aka hormonal spot central, then I would opt for a clay mask. However, the past few weeks my skin has not been breaking out like crazy and like I mentioned earlier it is very dehydrated. To combat this, I have been loving the Garnier Tissue Masks they do a variety of these including ones to use under the eyes. My favourite of the range is the one designed specifically for dullness, irregularities and one that gives the skin some radiance. This tissue mask contains the hyaluronic acid – a superfood for the skin. I leave this on for around 15 minutes and after removing, I rub in the leftover serum and ingredients. It gives my skin such a lovely glow and makes it feel very plump.

vitamin c booster

Step 4: Serum

Serums are the greatest product to use when you want to see a real change in your skin. Vitamin C is a staple in my skincare routine, it is the best ingredient to use as I want to reduce the appearance of scarring and hyper pigmentation. A little bit of this Super Facialist serum goes a long way and after a few weeks of consistent use, I can see a huge difference in my overall skin appearance and texture. This doesn’t smell horrid either and leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturised rather than sticky and horrible. In the summer and winter, always make sure you use a SPF in the morning! 

water boost moisturiser

Step 5: Moisturise

The final step in my at home facial is moisturiser. I always used to skip this step when it came to skincare as they always made my face feel oily or greasy. This water boost gel moisturiser makes my skin feel soft, hydrated, and looks so refreshed. It is perfect to use in summer time as it absorbs quickly into the skin and does not leave me looking shiny. Its also great to use under makeup as a primer as its lightweight yet nourishing.

A 5 step at home facial/skin pamper may seem simple but it is the best way. Keeping products to a minimum works in my favour as my skin does not go crazy and I am using products with ingredients that are effective and working well with my skin. What products do you like to use at home in the summer?

Parie x

This post is an advertisement feature with Boots UK but all thoughts are my own


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