Products I Reach For When My Skin Is Freaking Out

I have a few days around when my time of the month where my skin is just horrible, its dry, sensitive and has the odd breakout around the jaw. Its on these days that my body also wants to drink gallons of coke and all the food it can see. When this time of the month does happen, these are the products that I instantly reach for because I just know they will do their job and help me out in someway. PSA: breakouts are normal, they're human, don't worry about them or be afraid of showing them.                 
hormonal skin products


> Mask

Whenever my skin starts to freak out, I slather on the NO DRAMA mask from Funderm*, its a red clay mask that helps to treat breakouts, balance out my skin and add hydrate it all at the same time. Unlike other clay masks, this doesn't dry the skin out. I love using this a few times a week as it really helps with pesky breakouts and skin texture. 

>Spot Treatment

Over the years, I have tried out numerous spot treatments. Before, they used to be something I used all over my face. Now, I use WAS BAD from Funderm* only when I get those under the skin, painful bumps. They never come to the surface but haunt me forever! The main ingredient in this is salicylic acid along with other pre and probiotics that just work wonders for painful things on the face. 

> Retinol

Pixi do ranges really well, they give you the choice of a range of products with one hero ingredient. Their newest range is perfect for breakout prone skin - I need to get my hands on it. In the meantime, their retinol overnight oil* works wonders for the skin. I use this when my skin is really really bad, red and sore. This oil soothes, calms and controls all the craziness that is going on. I do find its very heavily scented though which is a shame :( 

> Hydration

Its taken me yonks to realise that my skin is not oily but super dehydrated. I tend to use these last two products all the time, not just during the time of the month. The Rose Ceramides cream* hydrates the skin to the max! I don't what magic in is in this but it gives my skin such elasticity and suppleness. This Monday Child's Oil is something I bought after seeing it on the gram, its still pretty new to me but when I have used it, I've loved the results. It smells incredible and is filled with a variety of oils that gives the skin a glow and boost in hydration. I've loved wearing this under makeup and mixing the tiniest bit with EL Double Wear to make me all dewy yet matte - such a beautiful finish! 

I hate the hormonal skin freaks out and all I want to eat is pure sugar stage but these products do really help keep my skin in check. What are your go to products when your skin freaks out?

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