Lockdown Fathers Day Ideas

Father’s Day might look a little different this year, but that just means it’s time to get inventive with how we celebrate our incredible dads, stepdads and beyond this Sunday. Their favourite pub or activity might not be open but that can all wait until next year, because year we have to do some DIY. 
So, whether you’re with him in person this year or sending love through the post, I've put together some ideas for you to do from your own home to spoil him rotten and make this Father’s Day really one to remember.   Also, if you're in the same position as me and completely forgot to plan anything then welcome!            

fathers day in lockdown


An absolute Summer classic, is of course a good old BBQ and we know that all Dad's like to say “Ooh someone’s having a BBQ”?  If the weather picks up then this would be perfect to do outside  but you can also bring the BBQ inside and have the grill fired up with some of their favourite foods. 
If he’s got a bit of a sweet tooth you could try the blindfolded taste test. Chocolate and the different flavoured jelly beans are perfect for this! You can test just how well they know the difference between sick and cinnamon!  

For those out there that like a run or a bike ride, why not make it a family thing and join them. Either from a distance if you don't live in the same household or just together for some fun. I'm sure they'll enjoy it knowing they have their family with them. 
If biking or running isn't your cup of tea then head to a local park and play some games. No matter what age you are, everybody loves a game of tag or playing a game outdoors of some sort.


My plan for the weekend includes keeping it as low key and chilled as possible. My Dad hates a fuss and wouldn't be happy with anything too big and out there. We're letting him choose a few films, getting snug in the lounge and planning on not moving for the whole day! Its my kind of heaven to be honest - pjs, movies and a warm fire! Its really easy to do and requires very little effort. 

For the one who likes to BE TREATED

Father's Day is the perfect excuse to go all out to celebrate someone. Just because we can't go out and do things, it doesn't mean we have to stay inside and be boring. Support the local businesses and buy something as a treat. We've found so many local shops through instagram and Facebook that do the most amazing sweet treats and local takeaways who do some incredible food. 

                 If you have a father who likes a good treat why not give them their own little pamper! Its not a typical man thing but you can make it fun and exciting for them. Nivea have a fantastic men's range, with products for their sensitive and precious skin.! My dad has been trying out their shaving foam* and face cream this week...still trying to get him to use a face wash instead of just water but its hard work!  He loves the foam and the cream has been life changing, he said to the other day that 'he's noticing less lines of his face!' if thats not a good thing then I don't know what is. 

No matter where, or who you are celebrating with this week, I hope its enjoyable and you have lots of un!                  

*pr samples

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