Huda Beauty Mystery Bag

When it comes to brands like Huda Beauty, I always wait for reviews and videos until I buy any of her products. In the past, I've tried her mini sized lip products and mini eye palettes but nothing else, that was until I saw her mystery bag deal appear...
She was offering 2 different deals, a small bag and a large bag. I went with the small that cost me £33, then £35 including taxes. I paid no shipping charges and wasn't charged when it came over from Dubai too - which is just amazing! The bag cost me £33 but the total of the products is much more and they're all full sized! 
huda beauty mystery bag
                                                                                          Let's start with the most expensive full sized product that was inside, the 3D Highlighter Palette in Pink Sands, this alone retails for £40, more than the price of the actual mystery bag. This is a beautiful palette made up of one cream product and three powders, together and on their own they are stunning. I can't wait to use these on my cheeks! I just wish the packaging was a little bit firmer...:( 

Then we have the Ruby Obsessions Palette £25, now this is a product that I already own and love. The shades in this are perfect if you love warm pink shades, its great for wedding season (whenever this may come around again) and looks perfect on medium skin tones. Huda really kills it when it comes to formula of her eye-shadows, I love these mini ones and I feel like I need more in my collection! 
huda beauty mystery bundle

Huda Beauty lip products are already a firm favourite of mine, I have a couple of mini's that I keep in my work bag incase I ever need to top up my lip colour. This mystery bag came with 2 shades that I don't own but have fallen in love with. The top, rose/mauve shade in Trophy Wife and is the liquid matte formula (£18), can be drying if you're lips are properly exfoliated correctly but has a great lasting power. Day Slayer is a is a dusky lighter nude in the demi matte formula. This liquid lipstick doesn't have the best staying power as the previous one and I don't find its as nice to wear on the lips, feels a bit sticky but when paired with a lipstick underneath and mushed together, its not that bad. Its a shame I don't get along with the formula because the shade is great for everyday. 

I am so pleased with all of this, and for the price of £33 when the total comes to nearly £100 on their own, its well worth it! I hope she and other brands do more of these soon, its fun not knowing what is going to arrive and when it does - its so much fun! 


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