Acts of Kindness During Lockdown

Lock down isn't easy by any means, its taken a toll on all of us, no matter what age or country we are from. We have been told to stay indoors and we know why, its for the best and to protect lives of others. Its hard not to see families, friends and other people like we normally would. I can't wait to get out of this and give my grandma the tightest of hugs. We saw her last in March, she lives in London and we're in Leeds - quite the distance, so that video call or text message means everything now. 

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Thanks to the wonders of technology, its become very easy to stay in contact with someone via the web but it isn't the same as seeing them face to face. A more 'old fashioned' way of staying in touch is of course sending the ones we love something special. A small something to show that we miss them, we care about them and that we're always here for them no matter what the circumstances. I've found that people who I haven't spoken to in a long time have come out of the blue to check in with me and to make sure everything is ok. Small gestures like this mean the world and can really make somebody's day. 

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These are just a few ideas to keep in touch with loved ones from afar:

Send a letter/postcard // I think of writing as an escape and putting down my thoughts into a letter really is a great way to communicate with someone. Think of it like a really long text message, the handwritten note can be filled with lots of details or just a small note to say hello. Its a lovely personal touch. 
Post a Gift // I love sending people little surprises in the post, wish lists seem to be a big thing at the moment and I love the idea of sending something to someone without them having a clue. It doesn't have to be expensive either, I've sent someone some highlighters recently and they were over the moon with the gesture. 
Food on the Doorstep // This is one that my Mum has really embraced over this period, she loves cooking as much as the rest of us in the house love eating! She has been experimenting with food, making lots of dishes and we've even tried out some baking. At the weekend we made caramel shortcake (so easy), cut it up into small pieces, boxed it up and left it for neighbours and family on their doorstep. A great excuse to make sweet treats! 
Video Calls // Video calling is so popular at the moment, its amazing just how much you can do via the likes of Face time and Zoom. We have weekly family quizzes, where the winning household hosts and its been so much fun to see how competitive everyone is. 
Flowers// Receiving post is so much fun, its like its your birthday when something arrives - so exciting! Hands down the best thing to receive in the post is flowers. They always come in this huge box that makes you nervous, they smell incredible and any sort of flowers just turn any bad day into a good one. These gorgeous blooms are from Moonpig. 

Through Moonpig, you can order flowers, cards and even chocolates to a special person during these uncertain times. If you download the Moonpig app, you can actually get 25% off flowers using the code APP25BLOOM until 25th May. This is part of their Let Happiness Bloom campaign, which is all about spreading the love and kindness during these times. I sent my grandma some this week and she was so happy to receive them (despite not realising someone was ringing the doorbell!!). My best friend also got a delivery, which she was not expecting and it made her cry. A small gesture but has a huge impact on someones well-being and mood. 

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I hope this post gives you some inspiration, and I pray that you're all safe and your families are well xx
*flowers gifted as part of the Moonpig campaign. PR samples in images

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