Easy Vegetarian Meal Ideas

Happy Saturday! Today I bring you a slightly different post than usual, its all about food. My second love after beauty. In the last few years, I have become more experimental with my lunches and dinners, to make them more exciting to eat! I've been a vegetarian since I was born, never had meat, fish or even eggs. I'm not entirely vegan, I don't eat eggs (religion and family), milk and yogurt don't sit well on the stomach and then I love cheese. I can tolerate some cheese but others such as goats cheese, which I adore, my stomach can't take no more :( This doesn't mean I don't have lovely food still. This is a post all about some yummy. easy meals recently and that took very little time at all!

Mix & Match Salad // One of my favourite packed lunches to take to school are different types of salads. I love mixing things up, whether that means the salad leaves or the vegetables that go inside. In this particular one, I've made a pasta salad. This is so easy to do, the tiny pasta shells, mixed with crunch salad leaves, tomato, baby corn, cranberry cheese, pumpkin seeds and a sprinkle of herbs to combine it all together. This fills me up, tastes so good and is very easy to prepare the night before.

Falafel Wraps // If you haven't tried falafel before then you need to! Its the most beautiful thing ever, I love having it in salads, pittas and more recently in a wrap. I have white wraps, but a healthy option would be brown wraps. Small falafels mixed with a bit of shredded carrot, pepper and cabbage and then covered in rich hummus just tastes amazing. Its perfect for lunch time and for dinner. 

Uttapam // This is a traditional dish that my mum makes for us in the evening. Its a type of dosa (Indian crepe)  that you load with anything and everything. On this particular evening, I chose a tomato base, lots of finely chopped vegetables and a good helping of cheese on top. Its honestly one of my favourite 'street food' Indian dishes ever. I love how the mixture of everything on top of this crepe tastes delicious.

mixed herbs

Passtaaaaa // I think my favourite cuisine in the world is Italian, everything from pizza to pasta is my favourite thing. This is a really easy, heart warming spaghetti dish. Some spaghetti, mixed with boiled vegetables (carrots, broccoli, peas, sweetcorn) mixed in with some herb seasoning and then popped in the oven to make the top crispy and amazing. 

These are just 4 simple and easy meal ideas, that I like to rotate around and eat with different things on the side. What are your go to meals? Always looking for some inspiration! 

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